The chronicles of DeeDee Walker: 12 March – the multi-tasker

My job as a project manager requires that I manage several aspects of several projects at once. My days are filled with preparing top-down structured project plans, comprising product breakdown structures, Gantt charts and endless meetings. In short I multitask like a mo’fo! So, I need a man that can do the same in the bedroom; no one trick ponies up in my stable. He can have a forte but that cannot … I repeat cannot be his only trick. I need a man that is an all-rounder but a good all-rounder. Let me explain: Marcus thought he was the Mr Marcus of the porn world. He’d talk how he was going to beat up the pussy, make me cum and deal wid da case – I’d give him that he was long like a porn star and could fuck like one – but could not do foreplay if he’s life depended on it. He’s idea of foreplay was to whip out my titties, suck on my nipple, stick his hands in my knickers, finger me, try to get some head for 20 mins, spend 1 min giving my nukku attention and then fuck. After a while, and numerous encounters, Marcus became my DOB (Dick Only Buddy). I knew with Marcus I wasn’t going to get any foreplay, no seduction, no build up and certainly no nukku trembling oral – just straight dick. Now, I know for some sisters that’s a dream but I have sex with my whole body not just my nukku. A man needs to fuck my mind, body and soul; move me and please me from head to toe and back again.

Enter Dexter Clarke or Mr 3D as I call him. He was like a sexual three musketeers rolled into one – one for all, all for cum. I met him in the one place I really didn’t expect to find a brudda. I found this nice little sex shop tucked away in Soho (London’s red-light district) and thought it was safe – yeah, I know a sex shop in central London isn’t exactly discreet. But here was my trick; the sex shop was on Old Compton Street aka battyman boulevard (disclaimer: I don’t have issue with gay men but that’s what my girl Chantelle Clarke (CC) named it – I say each to their own and to their own keep it to them each other). Anyway, the shop – I figured that as it was in a notoriously known gay man’s area no brudda would venture down there, let alone work on the street itself. It was a book store upstairs and a sex shop in the basement. I figured that if anyone saw me going in there they’d think I was looking for books. Only those that know about ‘Soho Books’ know it’s a front for a sexshops.

I still laugh at myself at the way I froze when I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw Dexter standing behind the counter looking like it was his frontroom. He saw me and chucked audibly when he saw the ‘oh shit! wtf! Deer caught in the headlights look on my face’. I cleared my throat and walked big and bold into the store. I’d like to think I’m open minded but a black guy working in a sex shop most likely means that 1.He was likely to be a player and be fucking left, right, centre and all points in between 2.He might know someone … worse yet, several people that I know or 3. He was gay and therefore of no interest to me whatsoever. As I predicted he came over to me browsing the sex toys and asked if I needed any help. It was only when he got close I noticed the nukku sucking lips he had on him. My clit started to bounce up and down like it was on a bungee cord. I did the typical harassed customer response ‘no thanks, I’m just browsing’ and thought that would be it. But oh no, Mr 3D wasn’t having it; he was trying to tell me about the latest sex toy and how it is ‘wow’ and all that. I decided that I’d try provoking him and taking a dig at his male ego and telling him that toys soon replace men all together. Dexter threw me a curve ball and said he loves toys and sees them as his wing man and best friend. He told me that a man should see toys as an aid to pleasing a woman and that he knows they can do things he could never. I was sparked and had to know more. I quizzed him about toys, what each does or would do, what’s he’s biggest turn-on and why he was working in the shop. I spent the next 2 months ‘passing by’ to see him, meeting him after work for late night coffees and munches in Soho. The day he claimed his title was when we had met after he finished work and it was still early. We both lived in south and decided that we’d get a drink closer to home so cab wouldn’t cost as much. He suggested Mint Bar in Streatham, a place I don’t really take anyone – too many eyes – but agreed. However, on the way there on the tube we got onto the subject of oral sex and toys. I was already feeling horny but when he said he has a fetish for tasting a woman I wanted to make him do it right there on the train. It hadn’t been quite the 90 trial (79 days to be exact) but he proved to be mature, intelligent, funny and grounded; plus the sex job was simply an add on to his teaching job – another curve ball of his. I suggested that we go to his and have drinks so we don’t have to worry about a nosey, busy bar. I teased and said he can show me his ‘toy’ collection which he found amusing.

By the time we got to his house I was wet and my nipples were hard. Although we spoke about sex and flirted a lot Dexter was a gentleman and never tried it. I wasn’t sure if that was because I was so bold about my sexuality or I was on his own ’90 day trial period’. Either way I was determined to get some that night. His flat was nice, cosy and homely, not your typical bachelor pad. I couldn’t help notice the giant oversized beanbag on the middle of the living room floor; it was so big it was almost the size of a single bed. As soon as I saw it I was having visions of me laying on it and him tasting me. I kicked off my shoes and plunked myself on it while he went to get drinks. I thought he was going for drinks and he came back with a bundle of sex toys and drop them in my lap; I was rolling all over the place with laughter. It was like a pick and mix of vibrators. My man had like 4 bullets, 2 rabbits, a glass dildo, a gspot stimulator and a vibrating tongue ring. What was amazing and shocking was they were all brand new and unopened. He explained that he gets them at cost price and sells them on the side. He wondered off again and this time came back with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, Cockspur Rum and Hennessey; I bust into laugher again and had to ask if he was planning on having a house party. He sat down next to me on the beanbag and my nukku let out a rush of wetness that made my knickers even damper. Part of me was hoping he could sense my wetness, smell it even; the other half was praying he didn’t cause I wanted to be a lady. He poured us a JD each and took a sip while looking into my eyes and smiling. The nukku sucking lips where whispering to my nukku and she had set up dancehall size speakers and booming back her response. Dexter took up a bullet and began to unwrap it as he explained how and why the bullet is best for clitorial stimulation. My clit turned into teachers pet as he gave the 1-2-1 lesson of the benefits of the bullet. He told me how the pointed tip allowed for focused and precise position of vibrations on a woman’s clit. I’ve got one at home but listening to him explain how it’s pocket-sized and quite made my nukku all the more wet. She was pulsing, throbbing, beating out a drum beat between my legs as I tried to remain calm and take in what he was saying. He put in the battery and turned on the bullet. Just the low humming vibrating sound of it made another rush of wetness seep out of my nukku. I hadn’t even finished my first glass and I was drunk; drunk on hornyness. I leaned back on the beanbag and rested on my elbows and asked him to give me a demonstration.

Dexter chucked and placed the bullet on the inside of my left knee. It was like he had put a key in a key hole for a door because my legs opened wide of their own accord. He traced the bullet up the inside of my left thigh and up toward my nukku and paused just where my nukku and inner thigh meet. He didn’t have to say a word; I lifted up my hips and let him take off my knickers and place the bullet on my nukku. The vibration made my eyes roll backwards as he traced circles around my nukku; it felt so good having someone else use a toy on me. I opened my legs wider and Dexter began kiss on the inside of my thighs working his way upwards. Them nukku sucking lips of his were getting closer and closer to my wetness and I was beginning to moan – just the thought of them lips on my nukku was making me moan. As his lips got to my nukku he paused and used his thumb to gently fold back the folds of skin covering my clit. She peaked out from her hiding place and was exposed. The feeling was sweet; I could feel the warmth of the room and I got goose bumps down my thighs and up the back of my neck. The humming vibration of the bullet was making me even more wet with anticipation. Dexter’s laid between my legs and his breathe whispered to my wetness and clit. He touched the tip of my clit with the bullet and I jerked from the electric shock tingle that exploded inside me. My toes curled and I dug my fingers into the beanbag. The muffled crackling sound of the polystyrene filling sounded like how my body felt. My clit was sticking out and he traced slow circles around it. My hips begun to buck and I could feel my nipples get harder as the sensation of the toy’s vibration spun me dizzy. I have to say that having someone use a toy on you gives a whole you dimension to the sensation – I was floating. My hands had found my breasts and I was caressing my nipples squeezing them between my fingers and thumb.

Dexter told me to take the toy from him and play with myself. My nipples wanted to be played with but I took the toy from him and began to glide it up and down between my lips and around my clit. I thought he wanted to watch me but instead he took the rabbit and began to unwrap it and put in the batteries. He flicked it on and smiled at me and I knew that I would have to put Dexter on speed dial from that night forward. He took the bullet from me and placed the rabbit in my hands. It was the new soft silicone finish rabbit and felt so nice and soft in my hands. I put the ears on my clit and threw my head back as the ears enveloped my clit on either side and vibrated deep and hard. I was gone in my own world and started to move the ears back and forth against my clit; I had almost forgot about Dexter until he slid the bullet inside me. The rabbit on my clit, the bullet vibrating inside me was too much and an orgasm bubbled up inside my walls and earthquake shook my body as I began to cum instantly. Dexter was lying next to me and began sucking on my nipples which only made my body tremble and shudder even more as I came so hard my legs were shaking. It hadn’t been long since my last orgasm but this one felt like it had been years; it was intense and deep. I was shaking from the release and still had the rabbit in my hand and Dexter put it back on my clit; I’m a mult-orgasm woman so was well ready for the next one. I looked at Dexter while I pleasured myself. The eye contact made it feel more intense, sexier, and more erotic. He was smiling but his eyes were full of lust, they were shining with desire. It was turning me on just looking into his eyes and seeing the pleasure of him watching me. He bit his bottom lip and told me to hold whatever thought I was having.

He got up and picked up the vibrating tongue ring, unwrapped it and put it on his tongue. I’d never had someone use one on me but my mind was going wild with thoughts of how it would feel; soft tongue, juicy lips and intense vibrations all in one. I was still using the rabbit on my clit and as he lay down between my legs I felt like I was going to cum again. My body started to become tight and rigid as my clits throbbing turned into a deep stomping thud inside me. Dexter could see I was building up and took the toy away from me. Now normally I’d kick a brudda in his balls if he tried to deny me my orgasm but I wanted to feel this toy on my nukku. As his mouth got closer I could hear the vibrations and I couldn’t help but spread my legs wide so he had full unlimited access. I even reached down between my legs and pulled back the flesh folds covering my clit and she stood up welcoming his approaching mouth. When he put his tongue on my clit I thought I was going to black out; I moaned so loud and so hard I scared myself. The softness of his tongue and the hard metal nib of the tongue ring made my clit go into overdrive. My body tensed up and I stopped breathing as he cupped his lips around my clit and began to slowly suck. It was so good I was moaning and trying to gasp and catch my breath. My legs were shaking like tambourines and tingling like them too. I don’t know when or how but Dexter found the bullet and reached up between my legs and used the tip of it and began to circle my nipples. I was cumming and I was cumming hard. I know I don’t usually call out a man’s name but Dexter had me proclaim it like I wanted his neighbour’s neighbours to know his name. As I was cumming he was sucking faster and faster and faster. The vibrations of the tongue ring making my nukku become a rain storm river that burst its back. I wanted him to stop it was so intense but didn’t want the pleasure to end. My ass had clenched up and even the muscles in my hands had become tense. I knew I was about to squirt and was trying to push him away so I can release my spray but he kept his mouth over my clit and kept on sucking. Let me tell you that I was shaking like I was freezing, my teeth were chattering and my voice trembling as I squirted in his mouth. He hummed as my juices filled his mouth and he sucked me.

My nukku felt like she was on cloud 9 multiplied by 9 to the 9th power. My clit was curled up in the folds of my nukku and shuddering with contentment. I lay on the beanbag legs spread and arms flared either side of my. Dexter, stroked my inner thigh but it was too intense and couldn’t be touched. My eyes were closed and I could hear him handling another plastic like wrapper. I was expecting him to start using the gspot stimulator on my but without warning Dexter kneeled between my legs and slide his dick deep inside me. My eyes nearly popped out my head as he filled my still trembling nukku and hit the roof of her tightness. I curled upright and grabbed on to him and wrapped my legs around him as he pushed deeper inside me; he was thick and solid. My body was still jerking but my hips started to rock back and forth as he slid in and out of me. It was deep. I felt that sweet pleasure-pain tingle in my belly as we began fucking like beasts; wild, hard, fast. Dexter still had the tongue ring on and began to suck on my neck. O … M … G!! My neck is one of my weak spots and my back turned into a fire work display and the sensation exploded all the way down my spine and into my nukku. I wrapped my legs tighter around Dexter and was pumping hard, thrusting my hips forward against him and he pushed deep into me. My nails were in his back as I had to transfer and release the intensity of the feeling some how. Dexter then pushed me off him and I feel backwards onto the beanbag. The way we were breathing hard and heavy it was like we had been fighting and running at the same time. His dick was all shiny from my juices and a small ring of cream from my nukku had formed at the base of his hardness. He suddenly flipped me over so I was on my stomach and my ass up in the air. He put his hands on the base of my spine and pushed so deep, so hard into me that I almost cried – It was sweet pain. He leaned his weight onto me and pumped hard and fast. Our skin was clapping as he impacted me with force. I was pushing my hips back as he pushed into me and could feel my nukku getting tighter. Dexter leaned over me and started kissing on the back of my neck. Normally any kissing or touching of my back or neck would make me wet if not cum but with Dexter fucking me I was spinning. He was practically laying flat on me and kissing on me as he moved his hand under my hips and down between my thighs. He found me clit and began to rub it in small fast circles as his length was sliding in and out of me; while he was still kissing on my neck. My body was confused. The tingles on my neck, the shudders from my clit and the deep motion inside my nukku – I was overwhelmed. My man was pleasing me all over at once. It was calming yet confusing. Intense yet soothing. I reach behind me and spread my ass cheeks so he could get in deeper. It was a beautiful mistake; because as I did it he pushed in and hit the roof of my nukku. The sensation must have done something to him because he started to growl and grunt hard and loud. He started to pump harder, deep, faster and I knew he was cumming. The sound of him cumming was the straw that broke the camel’s back of my orgasm and I began to cum too. I’ve never really cum at the same time as a fuck buddy and it was surreal. My mind was clouded and dark and I couldn’t do anything except feel the intense force of us both cumming at the same time. I came first and started to shake and jerk. My nukku was spasming and clamping on his dick as he pushed inside me. When I say he cum hard … he cum HARD. My man tensed up and roared loud and long as he bus’ and released. He collapsed on top of me and we fell asleep like that for a good hour or so. How I never get crushed under his weight or suffocate I don’t know.

When we did eventually wake up we were so weak that we stumbled into his bed and conked out for the night. We did have some morning sex the next day but as I had to rush home first and get ready for work it was ‘gentle’. I still see Mr 3D as he’s the only man that can multi task the way he does. Besides, having a contact that can get sex toys at cost is always a good person to have in your circle of friends. Just as I feel every woman should have a tongueologist in her life, she should also have a Mr 3D in her life too – you just ain’t having mine.


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