Thoughts of DeeDee Walker – who’s is it?!

I know sex and the thought of it can turn the male gender foolish but why is it that men seem to suffer from amnesia during sex? I mean why oh why do guys feel they have to be asking a woman what their name is? Seriously? Worse are those that repeatedly be asking you what’s their name in the 60 seconds they last. If you’ve forgotten your name within 60 seconds I hope you forget my name and number and never call me again.

I’ve often wondered why men insist on asking questions during sex; rhetorical questions like
‘who’s is it?’ ‘Do you like dat?’ ‘How dat feel?’ Firstly, if the pussy was yours that would either make you a transsexual or a lesbian. And while I like to indulge in women every once in a while (I’ve got some stories to tell you) if I’m getting dick, I’m getting dick. So let me make a few things clear:
When the sex is good I’ll tell you; there is no need to ask.
When you hit a spot I’ll tell you – although if you hit it good I may not speak coherent English.
And if it’s really good I’ll be letting my neighbours know your name.
Basically if the sex wasn’t good I’d tell you. I’m not having sex with you to cater to your ego, offer you reassurance about your sexual abilities nor am I here to affirm you as a man.
My purpose, my aim, my only obligation is to my orgasm (preferably that should be plural). If you can’t satisfy a woman or if you need reassurance that you’re satisfying her I think its time you went back to school. I’m not saying I’m not open to learning or ‘teaching’ (I’ve been taught some tricks in my time and been schooled in some serious bedroom gymnastics) BUT and it’s a big but if you offer little or no demonstration of ability you best not step into my classroom. I’m a student of sexology studying for my Phd, I’m not about to sit in a class with someone that’s still in primary school. So … whether they are Brazilian, macadamia, hazel or pistachio … get some nuts, man up and lean to fuck a woman right.

Ok, ok, maybe I should add and confess that the real reason I don’t like being asked questions is I might give the wrong answer. Men’s egos are more fragile than egg shells so even if it is just a fuck session calling him another man’s name isn’t going to go down well. It’s why I tend to use generic phrases like ‘yeah baby!’, ‘oh yes!’ and ‘dat’s it baby’. There is no stress about names or anything of the sort; I can just enjoy and get my freak on. You see for me two of the most powerful emotions in the world are anger and lust. Either can cause you to act in an irrational, volatile and deranged manner. So combining the two during a horny, passionate fuck session doesn’t make for clear cogitative thinking when one is asked questions.

That’s all I have to say on the matter … for now 😉

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