fan mail – how i would … 1.3.13

How I’d suck your cock. I would do it my own way. I like to start when its dead. Nothing better to start sucking a dick from its dead stage. No hands. Just lips and tongue. I love the feeling of it growing in my mouth, all the better for it to be wet. As I allow my tongue to do the trick, flicking it in my mouth rotating my tongue on it, waiting for it to grow hard. And as it does, I release it, still with no hands I use my tongue up and down I lick….suck it up …. mmmmm. Sweet dick. Use my hands now to massage your balls while I use my hands n stroke it, grip it tight, as if it was my pussy gripping that dick. Suck on those balls, forcing both in my mouth…..mmmmm….the sound of that wet dick in my hands, I use my tongue and lick the head. Oh how that pre-cum taste sweet, I suck on its head, and look straight into your eyes. No hands I go down on that dick as much as my mouth can hold. Deep throat is it? Ha! I know you love that. Slowly I suck, up and down, they fast. You enjoying, so I slow the tempo, don’t want you to cum just yet. So I fiddle your balls some more, stroke that cock, mmmm, I spit on it, using both hands I move in circular motion. Sucking it side ways, using my teeth softly, I see you love that too from the smile you gave from your face. You enjoying this too much, I’m gonna make you cum now, I want that milk! So I suck, slow, using one hand while I suck, suck the head, fast … faster … stroking, I can feel you. Feel if leaving your sack. Your body I feel, holding on to your legs. Dick in my mouth. Should I make you spill all tht milk, or make it disappear? I’m too rude for you. That’s how I’d suck your dick.

Submitted by: Anonymous

posted by Eroticnoire
Twitter: @eroticnoire | #blackerotica

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