Fan mail – 27.2.13

I jus wrote this “Role play”:

I’m the fugitive. You are the cop. You don’t have to chase me, I’m turning myself into you. I love being a bad girl, so I want you to lock me up and give me the punishment I want. Sexual punishment. Tie me up! Handcuff me. Better yet, use a rope, no! Use my panties instead. I like it better that way. Mmmm. Can’t wait for you to start beating me with your baton. Laying all sorts of charges on me. Slap me with charges and sentence me to hours in bed. Give me 5 minutes of kissing pleasures, your lips on mine, on my neck. I’ve been very bad, so bite me all over. Drive me insane. 3 minutes of excruciating biting on my nipples to drive me up the wall. You move to my sides then my belly, I want to escape, but this feels so damn good! Mr. Officer please don’t stop I have been very very bad and I deserve more punishment. Mmmm Slap me, charge me with your baton. Tease me with it. Put it to my entrance, and let me feel it. Feel my wetness too. I know you want to punish me with it. I have been a really bad girl.
Legs push to my chest, you use that baton and spank me on my nukki. Its feels so good, I want more! But you tell me this charge of teasing is the longest. So you tease me more. You are such a cruel cop. Make me begging for that baton, but you say I’ve been very bad. So I lay, handcuffed, body shaking from your constant teasing. Clit jumping, waiting in anticipation of your baton. My walls begin to scream. I want to escape this teasing! And then you did it! Plunge me to a sudden silence, followed by a pleasurable moan. I smile. The punishment I’ve always wanted from a police. His baton. I have been a very very bad girl.


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