The chronicles & thoughts of DeeDee Walker pt1

This is the chronicles of DeeDee Walker, a journal of her life and the adventures of her living. Join her and view her world as she travels along life’s road of pleasures and indulgences…

My name is DeeDee Walker and I’m a dickaholic. There, I said it so it can’t be a problem!
I’ve been this way ever since I can remember; and I have the memory of an elephant. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m selective, very selective. Some even think I’m some ice queen, stoosh, stuck up bitch. If I’m honest I prefer people think I’m that rather then some freak whore nympho. This is London; this was black London to be exact. A demographic that makes up only 15% of the 8 million people of London and where the degrees of separation wasn’t six, it’s more like 3.5. Everyone knows everyone or connected to them some way or another.
Point in case: I was fucking this guy, Jerome, for 3 months; plus I even applied the 90 day rule before anything happened. All during that time we’d bump into each other out and about at raves, bars etc. However, we never spoke in public, never acknowledged each other; we’d simply be two people in the crowd. I made it a point to always go to his house – I don’t want guys knowing where I live. Yet … one day out the blue I’m at his and see a picture of him and my ex’s cousin taken on holiday. I near had cardiac arrest there and then. I remembered my ex always going on holiday with his cousin so he must have be there; if not taken the pic himself.
To say I was pissed was an understatement. The sex was beyond good. I mean we’d fuck like we invented it. The amount of times I’d ‘pass by’ on a Friday and leave on a Monday heading back to work in same outfit I had on that Friday. All we did was fuck. I couldn’t tell you his last name, how many siblings he had – if he had any, or his birth month. All I know is when we hooked up it was double figure orgasms all the way. I’m use to being the one to make guys weak, get them pussy whipped but this guy … he was the kind of guy you know you’ll think about when your 80 years old. Even when your pussy is dry, wrinkled and look like an aged prune – this guy will make that shit wet all over again.
You can imagine how I felt when I found out he knows my ex’s family and knew them well. I’m not ashamed to say I mourned the lost of that dick like it was a loved one. Wore black to work for a month. Ate so much ice-cream I put on half a stone, got upset cause I was so upset and then ate more. It didn’t help that he would call, text and whatapps me when I cut him off. He’d beg to see me, leave voicemails reminding me of times and places we fucked. I actually had to go on holiday to clear my head.
So, now … now I’m double cautious. I grill that motherfucker like my name was George Foreman. LOL, I remember one guy thought I worked for the police the way I was asking 21 questions.
Oh, before I forget, I work as a project manager for Deloitte. Been there for 3 years now; not bad for a girl who came from a 6 children, single parent, domestic violent suffering family from Morlands estate in Brixton.
Anyway, as I was saying; black London is small and I’m a freak. Therefore, discretion is of the utmost importance.
The guy I’m currently enjoying is called Adrian, Adrian Adams and he is like my 4th emergency service … Police, Ambulance, fire and then Adrian. We meet at a wedding last year summer. I was with my sisters Symone and Nikki and Symone’s friend Tannisha. They all knew the bride as they all went to the same church. I had long stopped going church. Well, stopped going on a regular basis. 1. Because I felt my having morning sex on a Sunday with Jerome and then be going to church was wrong. Furthermore my body would have flashbacks and I’d judder. People thought I was being touched by the Holy Spirit – not good. 2. I felt the church looked on me funny because I’m 29 and not married or in a relationship.
I remember when Adrian walked pass us to go to his table. We girls must have looked famine stricken because the brudda looked shocked at how we were clocking him. We spent the rest of the evening stealing glances over at his table. We tried to see if he was with any of the women on the table. Nikki thought she recognised him from her church but Symone wasn’t sure. I guess that’s the problem with those big churches, too many faces. It wasn’t until we were on the dance floor that we could get close to him. The DJ played the electric slide, commonly known to people as the ‘Candy’ song. As much as I feel it’s overplayed I do love the way it gets the crowd going. I was doing my own little two-step variation and suddenly felt hands on my hips. I was about to flip and start to cuss when I remember I wasn’t in some club in south London. I looked over my shoulder and he was skinning his teeth at me. The guy hand some big hands, made my 26 inch waist seem more like 16 inches. I tried to be serious but couldn’t help myself smiling like some teenage school girl.
He introduced himself and we danced out the rest of the song. I could feel him press up against me, feel his dick getting hard as we danced. I couldn’t help myself and started to push back on him and start to whine. Candy was still playing but by the end of the chorus we where practically slow grinding in the middle of the dance floor. Let me tell you that the dick was THICK; felt like I had someone’s forearm pressed up against me. I put my hands on his and was grinding like I wanted to create fire friction between us. It was like we forget we were in a wedding and not some club. My pussy was getting wet. It had been three weeks since I had any sex and I was horny as fuck. I don’t know how I managed to pull myself back from sinking into the pleasures of feeling that hardness against me but I did. I’m glad I did because under my long dress I wasn’t wearing any knickers. I could feel the wetness begin to slide over my lips and down my inside thigh. I cleared my throat, excused myself and went to the ladies. Told Adrian I’d be back in a minute.
I should say that my nukku (pussy) and I have a love-hate relationship. We both love dick and love each other for giving the otther pleasure of it but … I hate how she gets wet at inappropriate moments. The level to which she gets wet is often ridiculous; it’s a tsunami. There are also the temper tantrums she throws when she hasn’t had any for more than 3 days. She tingles, twitches, throbs and stomps until I give in. We’re always in some for of argument; when I’m trying to behave she wants to go on a sexpedition. When I’m horny she’s decides she’s not feeling the guy and goes dry – I so hate the way she does that to me.
But anyway, Adrian, wedding, slow grinding to Candy. I manage to get myself to the ladies and clean myself up and cool down. When I step out the toilet Adrian is waiting for me with a glass of champagne. Smiles big and broad and tells me he thinks I need a stiff one. He was cheeky but charming, which I like. He asked me if I’d like to take a walk around the hotel grounds and get some fresh air. As we walked Adrian told me about the work he does as a brand consultant and some of his clients. We found a spot over looking a lake and leaned against the wall and continued to talk jumping from one topic to the next. I’ve always been a sucker for a sex freak geek – a guy that’s naughty, sexy but got brains too; turn on my body and my mind.
I remember almost chocking on my champagne when Adrian asked me if I make it a habit of not wearing any knickers. He told me it made him hard to know it was be so easy to lift up my dress and slide inside me. Told me how he wanted to taste me pussy.
I could have fucked him right there and then and my nukku would have been happy with my decision. I’d always wanted to fuck at a wedding. Its sounds messed up I know but I’d want to beat the bride and groom to bustin a nut on that special night.
Yes, I’m a twisted horny fucker I know.
Adrian said that he wanted to suck on me and make me cum in his mouth. It was those words that pushed me over the edge. I took his hand and walked along the wall until we were out of sight from everyone. I leaned against the wall, lifted up my dress and told him to help himself.
My nukku was doing her own Candy dance that night I tell you. He had some tongue on him like no other. He swirled his tongue around my clit and then suck on it quick and fast then slipped his tongue inside me. It was like all three motions happened at once and my legs started the shake. My nukku was break dancing by now and doing backspins. He slipped one of his fingers up inside me and I swear he hit my gspot in one motion. I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from moaning out loud. His finger was pressing against my spot as he sucked on my clit. He sucked it faster and faster and faster until my whole body tensed up and I came so hard it almost made me cry. My legs gave way and Adrian had to hold me up against the wall. I was twitching for a good 5 mins after while the shudders calmed down. It took me another 5 to be able to walk again.
When we eventually walked back into the reception hall Nikki and Symone looked at me and shook their head. They knew I’d been up to something but didn’t know what. Adrian walked me over to the girls said hi and left. That was my first encounter of Adrian, my first time I cum at a wedding, the first time I didn’t apply the 90 day rule. I knew there and then that Adrian and I were about to embark on some good pleasures together …

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4 thoughts on “The chronicles & thoughts of DeeDee Walker pt1

  1. This will make an exceptional take over from the Bridget Jones Diary, but about Black folk. Excellent hun, can’t wait for the next chronicle 😉

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