Untitled – 20.2.13

I will have you caught in a matrix of tingles
Do I take the blue pill of lust or the red pill of desire?
Bend the rules
We mould its principles
Bend its laws
Shape them into alternate realities
Seismic impact
Earthquake vibrations inside your walls
Spin the earth centre
Make you dizzy
G-force of rotating hips move you
Make your eyes roll back
The collision of deep motions creates ripples in your earth’s core
Create cosmological anomalies in your inner space
The planets of your release align
You ascend to higher Plato
Explore you
Reach the final frontier of your roof
Make you arch you back
Slide my curve spacetime hardness inside your galaxy
Make your milky way implode
The creation of a new solar system of a million star tingles
Follow the north star of your moans
Let it lead me to your pleasure
Use it to navigate my way to your spot
Rebuild you from deep inside
Hardness, Fingers, tongue and toy
The corner stones of your ogasms foundation
Erect a skyscraper of heavy breathing and shudders
I am your pussy architect
Create a blueprint of your pleasure
Take you to new heights
Give you long dick vertigo
As you sit on top
Look out onto the horizon of you wetness elevation
Hold on tight
Inhale deep
Moan as I steal your inhibitions
Throw them to the wind
Make your body meditate
Become one with your spasms
Embrace them
As I slide into your nerve endings
Electrodes spark as suck them
Create a shock of when electricity and water mix
Make you jolt and jerk
See the white light of your orgasm heaven
Float into
Not yet
Make you hate me more
Pull you back down
Beg to go to the promise land of release
Curse me
Know that I control you
Command your clit
Have authority over your inside walls
I am the dictator of your wetness
Ruler of your orgasm
No need to ask who owns it
You tell me before I ask
Proclaim it to the neighbours
Scream it into your pillow
Scratch it into bedsheets
Its is written in the creases of your taut eye brows
Etched into your wide eyes
The intensity of your build up
It is imprinted in the dilated darkness of your pupils
You roar
The beast unleashed
Claw my back
Bite my shoulders
Pound my chest as I move
Dance inside you
Create music
A mixtape soundtrack of your pleasure
Move slow and deep
Push in hard and strong
Turn your world into ambiguous clarity
Blind you to only the vision of convulsions
Emancipate frustration with long strokes
Until you surrender
Become caught under a spell
It’s your call
Take the blue pill or the red pill

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