69 moments

Our bodies lie in opposite directions
Yet we both have one path to our destination
The feel of your ass cheeks press against my forehead
As you take me into the back of your throat
I lift my head up so my tongue can slide up into you
You gliding your tongue over my shaven balls
Me slurping on your juices
You licking my pre-cum off my tip
Spanking your ass as you ride my tongue
While you suck on my sack, let it fill you mouth
Giving while receiving
Shuddering convulsions bounce between us
A bitter-sweet pleasure of intense tingles
Trying to focus on tasting you
You’re resolute on swirling your tongue around my hardness
My aim is to have you cum on my tongue
You’re wanting me to release my warm liquid into your mouth
As I Swim in the delight of having your wetness glaze my lips
Your delicate fingers circling my circumference and floating from base to tip
Tracing the sloppy wet trail of your full lips sliding up and down
Iā€™m rubbing my chin against your clit as I French kiss your pussy
Spread your ass cheeks and tongue fuck you deep
Youstop sucking on me and moan loud and hard
The pleasure too much for you to take
You give me back the intensity and suck harder, faster
We jerk, twitch, shake
Moans vibrate in our throats as taste each others juices
Our mouths full of each other
We become tense and then hold each other tight
You grab my thighs
I squeeze your ass
You squirt into my mouth
I release in yours
We give each other gifts of our pleasure
Receive offerings of our delight
I love these moments
These 69 moments

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