Valentine’s Day (I’ve never been one for …)

I’ve never been one for roses but tonight
Tonight I want to slowly suck on your rosebud
Kiss the rose petals of your flower
Gently rub my nose against your pollen
Slide my tongue into the folds of you
Taste your nectar

I’ve never been one for chocolate but tonight
Tonight I wanna kiss on your coco skin
Put the dark chocolate buttons of your nipples in my mouth
Press my tongue against them until they melt
Swirl them around my tongue
Lick them until their flavour covers my lips

I’ve never been one for champagne but tonight
Tonight I’m wanna pop your cork
Use ice cubes on your clit
Cool you down
Slide my hardness inside you
Shake you up with deep thrusts
Cause tingles to bubbles up inside you
Push deep inside you
Make the fizz of shudders build up
Pull out and make you spray your orgasmic champagne

I’ve never been one for Valentine’s Day but tonight
Tonight we going to celebrate our very own way

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