I will take your strength without your permission
Leave you limp like cooked spaghetti
Steal your focus
Slip it out of your pocket of concentration
Swipe your co-ordination
Snatch it away from your grip of synchronised motion
Claim ownership of your breathe
Leave you gasping for air
Feel it slip through the fingers of your lungs
Confiscate your vision
Abduct your sight
Leave you in a haze with your 20-20 clarity blurred
Pillage your restraint
Take it by force from the strong hold of your limits
Ransack your vocals cords
Misappropriate your moans
Leave your mouth hollow and only able to scream silent
Embezzle you senses
Siphon off wetness
Draw it from deep inside you
Funnel it via your clit and place it in the container of my mouth
Defraud you of your release
Kidnap your orgasm
Hold it to ransom
I will leave you a victim of my bedroom robbery

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