You’ll hate me (disclaimer)

I will taste you so good you’ll hate me
Hate the way your fingers submit to the need to touch yourself in my absence
Become vexed at flashbacks that invade your mind at work
Make you wet during your 2:30 meeting
Derail your train of thought mid-sentence
Make you moan under your breath on the bus as you travel home from work
Abhor how your clit stamps its feet in protest to you denying it my tongue
thobbing with urgent demand
Loathe how you make yourself cum but still feel unsatisfied
Become enraged with your toys
Scorn them
Throw them out your bed
Toss and turn in your sleep
Have rapid REM sequences as the ghost of my tongue haunts you at night
Despise how your will power longs to submit
Makes you want to call me and beg for me to slide my tongue inside you
Evoke an aversion in how my lips command you
Despise how my tongue owns your clit
Detest how your clit cries wetness sorrow
Hate my words touch your
Hum in your body
Tingle between your thighs
Whisper to your nib
I will taste you so good you’ll hate me

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