In pursuit of gravity

We are in pursuit of gravity
We pursuit
Or is it chasing us?
Perplexed how we are not subject to its laws
Vex it cannot command us
We bend its laws
We mould its principles
We attract each other with a force far beyond the proportion of our mass
You ride me
Slam down with seismic impact
Make me float
Become weightless
Cause my hips to push up into you
Create earthquake vibrations inside your walls
Make you levitate
We have no mass
No weight
Only heavy with lustful-passion
Planted on the ground of our bed
We fly
Look down and see the earth spinning
Sit on the rooftop of lust we see the horizon of our pleasure
The skyline of full body shutting convulsions
They are lit up with lights of tingles
You fall onto my hardness
Deep impact causes displacement of your senses
The collision creates ripples in your earth
Clouds the sky of your self awareness
We curve spacetime
Dispel the theory of relativity
Go down on you
Make you glide
Einstein’s wisdom is redundant when we sex
Newton’s theory superfluous
The trajectory of our sex cannot be calculated
We create cosmological anomalies
Our bodies cause dispersed matter to combine
We endure explosions contained in the triangle of hips, stomach and groin
Our sex causes planets to orbit us
We cause planets to align
Hard collision with your wetness creates formation of tides
Moan heavy
Sounds evaporate into the air
We are in pursuit of gravity
And only our release can bring us floating back down to earth

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