Who’s better Eric Jerome Dickey or Zane?

I’m curious to know who you guys think is the better author (and why) – Eric Jerome Dickey or Zane?
Please cast your votes and any supporting reasons why in comments box.

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5 thoughts on “Who’s better Eric Jerome Dickey or Zane?

  1. Im reading my first ever Eric Jerome Dickey book… and I LOVE IT. I can’t compare to Zane coz I’ve never read one straight through. I stole glances at the sex scenes in a bookstore once… LOL But I would love to find out the results of this survey!

      • Dying for Revenge is the one I was reading … the ACTION and attention to detail … being that a lot of the storyline is based in Antigua (with references to Barbados!) was cool .. and the fact that Dickey HAD to have spent a lot of time in Antigua to get the names of streets, beaches and DIRECTIONS right … man that attention to detail was awesome and the storyline ROCKED!

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