Story: Opportunity Knocks – pt3 (the conclusion)

It was 9:40 when Eroticnoire rang the intercom.
‘Hello?’ she asked acting as if she didn’t know who it was.
‘Hi, I have a home delivery of squirts for a Ms Nkechi’ he replied
You’re late! She snapped, pretending to be an annoyed customer.
‘Ms Nkechi, I never ‘cum’ early.’ He responded.
She smiled. It seemed this man had a witty reply for everything. She pressed the buzzer and let him in. She knew the lift wasn’t working so it would take him a couple minutes to walk up the stairs. She waited by the door for him to knock. As she guesstimated where he’s be on the stairs she realised she had a full-blown, showing off her 32 teeth, smile on her face. She squeezed her cheeks trying to stop herself from smiling but it only made it worse.
Her logic looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
‘You acting like you never had someone play with your pussy before. I hope this brudda can really deliver like he says he can.’
Her logic pushed her nose up in the air.
Nkechi chucked to herself. Her logic gave her the mummy ‘this isn’t funny look’.
‘Why are you skinnin teet like this? Some random dude is on his way up to your flat and your skinnin teet like a 5 year old on xmas eve. I hope this pumpum santa got what u want in his sack.’ Her logic huffed.
Nkechi rolled her eyes and squeezed her cheeks again trying to get rid of the smile that was beginning to make her cheeks hurt.

The door knocked and Nkechi jumped. She had lost track of gauging where he would be on the stairs. She reached for the door then paused and waited for a moment. I can’t seem too keen. Keep calm she whispered to herself as she counted to 20. She slowly opened to reveal the mysterious and infamous Eroticnoire.
She immediately noticed his lips. They were full, plump and kissible. She couldn’t help but imagine them wrapped around her clit. He stood in the doorway not moving. He had broad shoulders, soft eyes, a low trim and a totally clean-shaven face. He’s handsome she thought to herself. Her logic sighed in relief.
‘Thank God for that!! I was expecting Shabba Ranks’ ugly brother!’
He smiled. ‘Hello Ms Nkechi, specially delivery from Eroticnoire home servicing.’
She scoffed back playfully.
‘1. You’re late. 2. I ordered a lesson in squirting not a washing machine. What you mean home delivery?’
‘May I come in?’ he asked cocking his head to the side.
Nkechi pouted her lips and grunted.
‘I suppose I should let you and see what you’ve got to offer.’
She stepped back and let him in.
He stood in front of her trying to stifle he’s smile.
‘Allow me to explain exactly what I meant by delivery and servicing Ms Nkechi. We at Eroticnoire Inc offer our squirting lessons that ‘deliver’ first class squirting experience. We teach you, our valued customer, how squirt by giving you a servicing that comes second to none – except the customer who always cums first.’
Nkechi couldn’t help but laugh.
‘You really do have an answer for everything don’t you Mr Eroticnoire?.’ Well, please follow me and let me show you to my classroom.’
She turned and walked along the hallway towards her living room. She was aware that he was probably watching her ass as she walked and glad she put on her shirt skirt. She had worn it a few times and knew that its combination of being subtly figure hugging and extremely short was a sure way to get a guys imagination sparked.

That full-blown smile had returned to her face again and she was struggling to get it under wraps before they reached the living room.
Eroticnoire cleared his throat.
‘Yes!’ she thought. He’s watching my backoff.
They had reach the living room and the smile had engraved itself into her face. She shrugged to herself as she realised it was pointless fighting it. She turned and stretched out her hand.
‘Can I take your coat?’.
He unbuttoned his coat and revealed a slim fit white shirt and dark blue jeans. She didn’t notice the jeans or footwear at the door – box fresh white Addidas classics. She nodded to herself. Casual but smart she thought, I likes.
She turned and walked to the corner of the room where she had a coat rack. She knew he was watching her and it was turning her on.
Nkechi! Calm the fuck down you horny bitch! Her logic snapped. ‘You coming like some bitch on heat.
Nkechi cleared her throat. ‘Please forgive the mess, I’m still moving in.’ she said as she turned back to face Eroticnoire who was smiling at her.
‘You know, your figure is …’ he paused and shook his head and chuckled before he continued. ‘You’re figure is poetry in motion.’
Nkechi laughed ‘bet you say that to all the women.’
‘Ms Nkechi I’m a poet, a man of words. My words mean a lot and I don’t take them lightly or play with them.’ Eroticnoire’s voice was soft but serious.
Nkechi could tell he meant what he said. The realisation that he called her poetry in motion made her freeze. She felt highly flattered and embarrassed.
‘Thank you.’ She said sheepishly.
Eroticnoire sensing her awkwardness quickly moved the conversation on.
‘May I take a seat?’ he asked gesturing to the brown soft leather sofa.
Nkechi silently exhaled and was happy to move things on.
‘Sorry. Where are my manners? Please do. Can I get you drink?’ she asked as she made her way back to the sofa joining Eroticnoire as he sat down.
‘Seems you’re made preparations already.’ He said tipping he’s head at the two glasses and bottle of wine that were on the coffee table.
They sat down on the sofa and Nkechi could feel her wetness.
‘Nkechi Ekwensi! You fucking slag! Her logic yelled. ‘Why don’t you just open your legs now and tell him to take your pussy?!’
Nkechi shuffled in the sofa trying to get comfortable. Eroticnoire sat at the far end and looked around the room.
‘Its nice; considering you’re still working on the flat.’

Nkechi was watching his mouth as he spoke. His lips, their shape were making her more and more wet.
‘Thanks. Still a bit to do but plan to be here for a while so have to make it mine.’
She replied. She leaned over and poured a glass for Eroticnoire and topped up hers.
‘So … you can make me squirt?’.
Nkechi’s logic slapped its forehead. ‘Dear God above! Please Lord, save this woman from the horny beast that has possessed her tonight. I rebuke you spirit of horny lust in the name of Jesus.’
Eroticnoire’s face remained unchanged as he cocked his head to the side looking at Nkechi.
‘You really doubting me aren’t you? Well, I said for doubting me I’ll make you squirt at least four times so I hope you’re ready.’ He said as he took a sip of the wine.
Nkechi locked her eyes with Eroticnoire as she took a sip of her wine.
‘Show me what you got Mr Teacher’. She replied swirling her wine around in her glass.
Eroticnoire took another sip and placed the glass down on the table and began to stroke his bottom lip with his right thumb. He shuffled over to Nkechi and sat so his knee was touching hers. Her heart started to kick in her chest like a wild horse. She wasn’t sure if it was lust or panic but she had to take another sip of the wine to help calm her down. He took the glass from her and placed it on the table and kneeled down in front of her. His eyes locked on hers he slowly opened her legs and licked his lips. Nkechi’s wetness instantly went from calm stream to white water rapids. He leaned forward still gazing at her and kissed her on the inside of her knee. His lips were as soft as they looked. She could feel them touch her skin but they seemed to melt as he pressed against her skin as he kissed her. He then kissed the other side and then began kissing up her inner thigh slowly; first one side and then the other never taking his eyes off her.
Nkechi’s was paralysed she sat in her sofa watching him kiss up her legs. She could feel his feather soft lips on her skin but yet it seeming surreal. As he kissed higher and higher up her thigh he’d slightly open her wider with each kiss.
He paused when he reached where the back of her thighs met the sofa. He put his hands at the back of her knees and pulled her closer to him so she slouched in the sofa. He glided the back of his hands up the outside of her legs and up towards her knickers slipping his hands under her shirt skit.
Nkechi had made sure she had on the Victoria’s for this occasion. He probably wouldn’t notice but she would and it made a difference to how she felt. His fingers hooked over the waistline of her knickers and began to edge them down.
Nkechi raised up her pelvis so they could slip over her behind and down her thighs.
As they became visible from under the hem of her shirt skirt Eroticnoire paused, looked up at Nkechi and smiled.
‘Victoria’s Secrets, very nice Ms Nkechi’ he said as she continued to pull them down her thighs.
Nkechi was in shock.
‘Er … what do you know about Victoria’s Secrets? You’re a guy!’ she asked puzzled but impressed.
As Eroticnoire pulled the knickers down to her ankles and slipped them off over her feet he replied.
‘Let’s just say that I consider myself a man of taste and like to be well informed.’
Nkechi was dumbfounded.

Eroticnoire edged closer in between her thighs and slowly folded her skirt upwards towards her stomach. As he rolled up her skirt Nkechi could feel her clit throb more and more with anticipation. Her juices where lightly trickling down between her lips. The dam of her lips were about to burst and let out flood of her wetness.
Eroticnoire looked at her pussy; it was clean shave and smooth.
‘mmmmm, just the way I like my pussy.’ He said as he licked his lips again.
Nkechi stared down at him fighting the urge not to grab the back of his head and ram his mouth onto her pussy.
The thought made her twitch and she felt a trickle of wetness squeeze out from between her lips. She bit her bottom lip as it rolled down over the soft folds of her pussy.
Eroticnoire leaned forward and Nkechi closed her eye in anticipation of the feel of his lips. She opened her eyes as he kissed just to the side of pussy.
‘You tease.’ She said, the disappointment evident in her voice.
‘Not teasing, simply not rushing in. I wish to indulge you and ensure your experience is pleasant and unrushed.’ He replied as he kissed the other side of Nkechi’s wetness.
Nkechi didn’t want to take things slow she wanted to feel his lips wrapped around her clit and him sucking her off to orgasm.
‘Please don’t feel you have to take your time on my account. Go for it!’ she said hoping he’d just plough his face into her and start licking like his life depended on it.
‘I have no intention of rushing.’ he said as he kissing just above her clit. ‘Besides in order for me to continue I have to stake my claim and write my name on your clit.’
Nkechi gasped at his words and her legs involuntarily opened wider. He looked up at her and smiled.
‘I take it that your legs opening is your consent for me to do so.’
Nkechi reached down and pulled up her skirt further up her belly and opened her legs wider.
‘Does that answer you’re question?’ she said as her clit was dancing with excitement.

Eroticnoire let his tongue glide out from between his lips and stop just short of Nkechi’s clit. She could feel the warmth of his mouth on her wetness; it was arousing and soothing. He placed his hands flat on the inside of her thighs and began to traces his name.
His tongue swirled around her clit in slow swoops. Nkechi could feel her clit being rolled from side-to-side as his tongue continued to writing his name with his tongue. His head moved little by little as he formed each letter.
E … R … O …T … I … C …N … O … I …R … E
As he got to the letter E he cupped his lips over her clit and held it there. Nkechi could feel the pulse in her clit. He started to stroke her wetness with his index finger and then his ring finger until they were slippery wet from her juices. He cupped her lips in his hand and pressed the palm of his hand gently against it. Nkechi could feel the blood in her body rush to her clit. He slipped his fingers in one by one still keep his lips clamped over her clit. He twisted his fingers to his left and stroked her walls as he delicately pushed his fingers deep into her until his knuckle touched her lips. He slowly slipped them outwards scooping his fingers to the right and stroking the other side of her. Her walls stuttered as his fingers swoop from one side to the other.
‘Oooh, that feels good.’ Nkechi moaned
He slipped his fingers out of Nkechi and licked off her wetness. Nkechi’s body crackled as the sight of him licking her wetness off his fingers. Eroticnoire leaned in closed to her and used the pads of the thumbs to gently fold back the soft skin covering her clit. The shy pearl emerged from its hiding place and smiled at Eroticnoire’s lips. Her clit was totally exposed and vulnerable to his mouth. Nkechi gasped with anticipated delight as he pulled his mouth closer.
He placed the tip of his tongue on the tip of her clit and let it rest there. Nkechi held her breath as the softness of his tongue tickled her clit causing it to jump and pulse.
With unhurried patience he enveloped her clit with his mouth and Nkechi’s eyes rolled backwards.
‘SHIT!!’ she mumbled.

Eroticnoire softly started to suck on Nkechi’s clit. He teased her clit; sucking a few times then stopping, then starting again and then stopping. Her wetness streamed from inside her into his mouth. Her salty-sweetness caused Eroticnoire to moan and hum as he sucked on her clit causing vibrations to reverberate in Nkechi’s clit.
‘Oh Mr E’ Nkechi groaned as she open her legs wider.
Eroticnoire slipped his fingers into the wet folds of Nkechi’s wetness letting them sink into her tight walls. He curled them up caressing slowly until Nkechi twitched and sharply inhaled through her teeth. He knew he had found her gspot. He wiggled his fingers so they rubbed against each other causing Nkechi to tremble.
‘What the fuck are you doing?’ she asked confused and amazed at the feeling his fingers were giving her.
Eroticnoire was occupied with a mouth full of Nkechi’s clit and raised his head slight so he could look up at her. Her eyes were glazed over and blurry. He smiled as he continued to playfully suck on her clit and slowly wiggle his fingers inside her.

Nkechi could feel her juices running down between her lips and into her arse. She couldn’t recall the last time she had been so wet. Eroticnoire’s mouth and fingers where taking her to a place she had never been before. She let the pleasure lift and carry her away as his tongue slow danced with her clit and his fingers seduced her gspot.
She slowly found her waist moving, rotating against the movement of his fingers.
‘Mmmmmmm, my pussy feels so good’ she groaned in between her laboured breathing.
Just as she became familiar with Eroticnoire’s oral dance he placed his left hand just below her naval and pressed down gently. The soft pressure of his hand on her front and the pressure from his fingers inside caused Nkechi’s mouth to pop open. Without warning her walls started to tremble and an intense heat erupted insider her. Her juices start to slosh up inside her and stream out onto Eroticnoire’s fingers and hand.
Her head felt as if it was floating away from her body as he began to suck faster and faster.
Nkechi panicked as she suddenly felt like she was going to pee.
‘No, no, no, stop please, Mr E stop!!’ she shouted. The sensation was overwhelming and she began to wiggle to get up.
Eroticnoire pressed down onto her so she couldn’t move. He grunted and shook his head signing he had no intention of stopping. In the back of Nkechi’s mind she remember the squirting 101 pointer about feeling like you’d want to pee and not to fight it. Nkechi tried to reassure herself and breath but the spasms where becoming more and more intense as Eroticnoire’s fingers massaged her spot in small, slow circles while he sucked on her clit. A thunderous rumble shook her as she felt her body begin to tense up signalling her release was approach rapidly. Her breathing was staggered and rugged as Eroticnoire’s fingers and mouth pulled her higher and higher.

Nkechi closed her eyes squeezing them tight as she began slapping the sofa repeatedly with angry aggression as her orgasm reached its peak.
The words drawn out long and hard as her back arched as her climax exploded. Her entire body became taut and tight as her muscles tensed under the weight of the spasms that rocked her. Her cry rocketed out her mouth and exploding up towards the ceiling like fireworks crackling and colouring the room with the colour of her pleasure
And then it happened.
Everything stood still.
The world became silent and all she could hear was her pounding heart.
Nkechi had stopped breathing; her eyes open wide with traumatic shock. Her mouth open, fingernails dug deep into the leather of her sofa. She could feel the pressure inside her walls expand and detonate as a gush of wetness sprayed out from inside her. It was a shaken fizzy drink opened projectile spray that splashed over Eroticnoire’s mouth filling it and trickling out down his chin. Nkechi could only see the white light on the ceiling glowing down on her. Her head involuntarily slammed back and forth pounding the sofa as her stomach muscles cramped up forcing her to curl up into a ball. Her pussy was drenched with her wet explosion and was tickling down between her lips, down between her ass cheeks and on to her sofa. She was shuddering with convulsions as waves of aftershock washed over her. She was panting hard trying to catch her breath. The room felt like it was spinning as Nkechi tried to make sense of what had happened to her. She felt lost and confused as her body recovered from the wet blast that had just erupted from her. She jerked each time she tried to inhale and catch her breath.

She couldn’t take the intensity and tried to push Eroticnoire away.
‘What you think you’re doing. I said at least four times and in meant it’ he said. ‘No!! Please, I’m sorry. I can’t take it. I was only …’ Nkechi begged.
But before she could finish her sentence Eroticnoire clamped his lips over her clit and began sucking with a gently frantic suction. She closed her eyes and bit her lips as his tongue press her clit tight in the grip of his lips.
‘Oh fuck!!’
Nkechi began to whimper as the sensation that was dying down began to return
‘Oh shit! No. Please!’ she begged. Her body began to twitch as Eroticnoire’s lips enveloped her clit in a warm wet blank of softness. His fingers joined his soft lips and slipped back into Nkechi’s soaked pussy. She gasped as they slid inside her and curled up to her gspot once more. His thick, strong fingers press against her spot and she shuddered as she felt the soft ridge of softness inside her yield to the gentle pressure of his fingers.
She squeezed her eyes tighter closed as they moved in a slow pulsating motion against her spot causing her to clench her toes.
Her juices where streaming from her soaking his fingers and causing them to make a delicious squelching sound which harmonised with his rhythmic sucking of her clit. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles. She scooped her hand into her bra and began to squeeze them between her thumb and finger. Prickly tingles filled her breasts and tumbled into her stomach and down towards her clit.
They collided head on with the throbbing pulsating shivers of her clit and sent Nkechi over the edge.

It was happening again. In less than a minute she was going to squirt again. A joyful panic rushed over her as her body braced itself for the approaching explosion.
‘Yes! Right there, right there. Oh shit. dats right suck my pussy!’
Nkechi couldn’t believe she was talking like such a nasty dirty little girl. She smiled with delight as the sexual freedom she was swimming in. Her stomach began to tense once more as the sweet warmth built up deep inside her.
Her smile grew bigger and wider as the warmth from inside her walls increased taking her higher. Suddenly her left leg started to shake. Her eyes sprung open as she could feel the uncontrollable tremor spread from her clit, down her inner thigh, down the back of her knee along her calf and into the arch of her foot.
Nkechi had never had that happen before and she stared with bewildered confusion at her leg as if it were someone else’s. Her thighs had become automatic doors and opened wide as Eroticnoire began to rotate his head pulling her clit. Her tremor became more intense as his fingers moved deeper inside her and his tongue flicked her clit as he continued to suck. The fizzy sensation was coming and she could feel the release bubble up insider her and explode. Eroticnoire jumped up and stood back as another compressed spray squirted out of her and splashed onto the floor between his feet like some kind of orgasmic offering from Nkechi’s clit. The pressure caused her to start curling up onto a ball as both legs were now shaking. Eroticnoire quickly grabbed her legs and held them open as he knelt back down between her thighs.
‘We have at least 2 more squirts to go.’ He said as he gave Nkechi a sly smile.
Nkechi’s logic scream with shock as Eroticnoire resumed his position.
‘I fucking told you! Her logic shouted.
‘I can’t take anymore?! Bitch you gonna make this brother put me in pussy hospital! You and your fucking cocky mouth.’ Her logic braced itself for the wonderfully-shocking intensity of what was about to happen.

Nkechi slouched in the sofa; her limbs were heavy with exhaustion and felt like lead. Her clit still pounding as her jagged spasms echoed inside her.
‘Please, please … let me just rest. Please.’ She begged Eroticnoire. He looked up at her from between her legs. The right corner of his mouth curled up as remained silent and leaned his mouth down towards her mound. Nkechi pushed her self backwards into the softness of her sofa and closed her eyes.
Silence fell across the room. Only the ticking of her wall clock and Nkechi’s heavy breathing could be heard.
She knew he was playing with her and that if she opened her eyes to look down at him that would be when he’d lick her clit. She stayed still. She could feel his breathing on her clit causing it to pulse and throb. She stretched out her right hand to push his head away. Eroticnoire grabbed her wrist and pushed it to the side. She heard him inhale deep and then suddenly his long tongue was pressed flat against her wet lips.
The sudden pleasure caused her to jump as if someone had put ice down her back. She shot up out the sofa pushing Eroticnoire backwards causing him to fall onto the coffee table almost knocking over the glasses of wine. Nkechi tried to run away from but after squirting twice her legs where jelly and she stumbled and fell onto side of the sofa. Her left leg was still trembling as Eroticnoire picked himself and up and put his arm around her waist offering support.
‘Are you ok?’ He asked with gentle affection in his voice
Nkechi leaned on him accepting the offer of his stable body for support.
My legs wont stop shaking. You bastard’. She snapped bring herself into an upright position.

Eroticnoire’s face hardened as Nkechi felt steadier on her feet and shrugged him off. She leaned on the back of the sofa and put her head on the back of her forearms.
‘Excuse me? Do I detect a tone? I believe you where just rude to me?’ Eroticnoire asked, his voice sounding confused and unsure.
Nkechi still had her head resting on her forearms as she slowing caught her breath; her ass facing Eroticnoire.
‘No shit Sherlock. Aren’t you a cleaver boy.’ Nkechi said sharply. Her logic tapped her on the shoulder
‘Er … excuse me. Do you think that’s wise? Her logic asked scared of the consequences and realising the compromising position she was in. Her logic glanced over at Eroticnoire but it was too late to warn Nkechi. In a split second he was standing beside her and slammed his hand on her back pushing her down over the sofa. He pinned her down using his body weight locking her body in a vice grip between him and the back of the sofa. Nkechi tried to wiggle free but was helpless.
He slapped her ass and a stinging pain snapped across her right cheek.
‘What did you say?’ he asked
‘Ah! Fuck you! Nkechi snapped back at him
He slapped her ass again, this time hold his hand in place as it impacted with her round toned ass. Nkechi loved being spanked but she’d never been spanked like this before. It was scary, confusing, exciting and hot all mixed up. She could feel his hard dick pressed against the side of her leg; he was long and thick. Her thoughts bounced around in the pinball machine of her mind. Flashing and ringing bells of puzzlement whizzed around in her mind.
Eroticnoire slapped her ass again. The sting was sweetly delicious and reverberated through her ass cheeks and down into her clit. He glided his big hand around her ass and slid his hand down her booty and slipped his thumb inside her.
Nkechi closed her eyes and flopped over the sofa submitting to the deep pleasure of his thumb stroking her walls.
He pressed the nub of his thumb downwards onto her gspot; the webbing between his thumb and finger rubbed against her clit. Nkechi grabbed a cushion on the sofa buried her face in it and moaned loudly. The muffled sound tumbled off the sofa and rolled across the living room floor.

Eroticnoire rocked his thumb back and forth over Nkechi’s gspot with a slow and easy rhythm. Her hips start to buck back against his thumb as it rocked downwards pressing into her spot. She spread her legs wider and tiptoed arching her back so he had full and easy access to her. He groaned as she pushed back on his thumb as if it were his dick. She could feel it still pressed hard and thick against her leg. She wanted to feel it inside her wetness. She began to slow whine against his thumb, her leg brushing against his dick each time she would rotate her hips. She could feel her increasing the waistline pace as the feelings took over her. Nkechi’s face was twisted and contorted as the pleasure carried her away. Eroticnoire’s thumb was magical, putting a spell on her gspot. The heat sparked again and flowered in her stomach. It trickled down her legs and into her toes. She reached back with her right hand and opened her ass cheek so Eroticnoire could push his thumb deeper inside her. Her hips began to buck as her left leg started to shake once more.
‘ooooh shit!’ she moaned. The pressure was an intoxicating cocktail of pain and sweet pleasure. His thumb moved faster and faster inside her, pressing into her spot. Her juices squelched as his thumb pushed deeper and deeper. It was becoming too much for Nkechi as she was pinned down bent over her sofa being thumb fucked from behind. Her booty cheeks began to slap against the back of his hand as she rocked harder and harder pushing against his thumb.
Yes! yes! YES! Nkechi yelled.
The frantic rocking of her hips and his thumb deep inside her was causing the sofa to jolt forward. Eroticnoire press Nkechi down as her walls clamped around his thumb squeezing it tightly.
‘Dats right. Squeeze your walls. Make it tight’ He groaned.
I’m cummin, I’m cummin, I’m cummin!! Nkechi yelled at the top of her voice. She was on her utmost tiptoes and her stomach muscles had locked and cramped up. Just as she reached the point of release Eroticnoire quickly pulled out his thumb as if it were a cork in bottle. She stuff the cushion into her mouth and screamed from the depth of her stomach as the orgasmic explosion boomed deep inside her and she released another projectile squirt of wetness. It hissed from the force as it sprayed out from between her legs and splashing on the floor. Her scream, although muffled was still loud and ballooned into the room and popped into a deadly silence.
Her whole body was violently shaking as the spray turned into a trickle and continued to soak the floor creating a puddle.

Eroticnoire took a step back and let Nkechi crumble to the floor. She was shuddering and convulsing as the earthquake of pleasure rumbled through her body. She was curled up in a ball with her forehead on her knees and her arms wrapped around her shins trying to keep her body from shaking.
‘That’s number 3.’ Eroticnoire said with a slight chuckle in his voice.
Nkechi wanted to swear at him but didn’t have the strength. Plus her logic had her hand over her mouth in case she was silly enough to try to say anything.
‘I can’t take it’ Nkechi said softly, her head still swaying.
Her eyes still closed Nkechi’s body finally calmed down enough for her to take a deep breath and relax her arms from around her legs. She lifted her head and looked at the puddle on her living room floor. Thank God I decide to have wood laminate flooring she thought. She stared at it in disbelief that she could have done that. She smiled to herself as she took in the puddle. Her body was humming with bliss. Nkechi inhaled deep and began to lift herself to her feet. Her limbs still felt heavy and were shaking.
Her logic stood by her side trying to help her up. Eroticnoire stepped towards her and put his arm around her. Nkechi flinched momentarily remember what he did the last time he put his arms around her. This time she’d take his offer of support and not say a word to provoke him. She looked at him and his eyes danced. They were face-to-face and she felt his body press against her. She looked at his lips; they were plump, full and inviting. She loved to kiss and wanted to sample the lips of this man that gave new sensations to her clit. Snaking her arms around his neck, leaned in and kissed him. Her mouth melted into the softness of his lips and Nkechi moaned softly. She pressed her lips deeper into his and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her nipples tingled and her clit throbbed as he responded and pulled her in close to him. Their tongues slowly danced and coiled around each other.

He grabbed her waist and walked her backwards towards the sofa. As they bumped into it the back of the sofa Nkechi let out a moan. She reached down between his legs and cupped his hardness causing him to groan. His audible expression of pleasure vibrated from his mouth into hers making her lips tingle. She glided her hand up the under side of his stiff dick stroking slowly. She could feel him pulse and bugle as her hand stroked up and down. Each time his hardness pulsed she would gentle squeeze him causing him to twitch slightly. As she reached the tip she pressed her thumb onto it making him jerk. He quickly reached down and cupped her hand in his and moving it back around his neck. His hand returned back down between her legs eased along her thigh. He glided the back of his hand across her smooth skin making Nkechi’s skin giggle. His hand went deeper between her thighs until she could feel the smooth curve of his knuckles skim across her lips. She was dripping with wetness of her squirting. He turned his palm upwards so the tips of his fingers lightly touched her lips. Nkechi found her legs instinctively opening welcoming him fingers.

Eroticnoire’s hands remained still; feather touching her lips. He slowly pulled away from their kiss. Her eyes were still closed as she let the resonance of his kiss ricochet around her mouth.
‘Look at me’ he said softly.
Nkechi was still floating on the cloud of his kiss and the teasing sensation of his fingers lightly touching her wetness.
‘Look at me’ he repeated
Nkechi opened her eyes and was met with the cool soft gaze of his eyes. She stared at him as the slow realisation that a total stranger was making her pussy feel so good. How is it possible? Why is it possible? Transfixed in his gaze her logic appeared over Eroticnoire’s shoulder.
‘I hope you aren’t going all gaga over his fingers and tongue young lady’ her logic asked.
Nkechi wasn’t listening she was watching Eroticnoire’s right side of his mouth slowly curl up into a smile.
‘You have beautiful eyes; they’re hypnotic. I want you to keep looking at me.’ He said as his left hand coiled around Nkechi’s lower back.
Nkechi was blushing like a pale skinned white woman. It’s a good thing I got my Melanin she thought to herself.

Eroticnoire moved is index finger and pressed it into Nkechi’s lips. She could feel her wetness stream inside her and flow to her entrance to greet his finger. He let his finger rest at her entrance as Nkechi tilted her pelvis easing herself onto it. It skimmed on the smoothness of her juices and was submerged in the fleshy waves of her lips. She could feel the knobbles of his joints pass over the ripples inside her. His finger moved slow as it sunk deeper inside her. He pulled his finger back out. Nkechi inhaled long and deep as his fingertip slipped backwards along her walls.
Eroticnoire’s gaze was fixed on Nkechi watching her eyes. His eyes were deep and endless. She had never had someone look at her with such intent before and it was bizarre, unnerving but yet somehow calming and comfortable. He then pressed his ring finger into her wetness causing her to close her eyes and tilt her pelvis once more up against his finger.
‘Don’t close your eyes, look at me’. He voice stuttered slightly as his finger became immersed in her wet pleasures. Nkechi’s breathing jumped as his index finger joined his ring finger deep inside her tightness.
Nkechi was struggling to keep her eyes focused as his fingers twisted and curved up into her gspot. She flinched and grabbed his neck when the tips of his fingers found her soft swelling of flesh and pressed against it. She clenched her teeth as a moan boiled up from deep in her belly and its audio steam whistled through her pouted lips.
‘Fuck that feels good.’ She said, her voice ragged from the pleasure.
Eroticnoire pressed his palm flat against Nkechi’s front clamping her clit between his palm and his fingers inside her. His fingers started to tap on her gspot as his hand gently rock from the movement of his fingers. Nkechi was locked in a vice of double pleasure and was a happy captive to the incarceration. Eroticnoire’s eyes pierced into hers as he gripped her waist tighter and started to move faster. He watched as her eyes glazed over and her eyebrows creased and wrinkled.
‘How does that feel?’ he asked search her eyes
‘Fucking good! My pussy feels so good. Fuck!’ Nkechi mumbled trying to maintain eye contact.

Eroticnoire licked his lips slowly, smiled and bit the corner of his bottom lip. He nodded and bent his knees scooping his hand further under Nkechi’s pussy. They were practically eye-to-eye as his fingers pushed up deeper inside her pressing on her gspot. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and lean her forehead on his shoulder as her clit pulsed and throbbed under the softness of his warm palm rubbing against it. His fingers tapped on her gspot creating a delicious beat inside her walls making her senses dance. His fingers moved faster and faster pushing deep inside her making her wetness surge from her inside, down his fingers and on forming a wet patch between his palm and her clit.
The fluid commotion of fingers inside her and wetness on her clit caused her left leg to start shaking again. Nkechi’s head snapped back as the ragged tingles juddered from her belly and burst out spreading through her body.
She starred at Eroticnoire eyes wide with surprised panic in her eyes.
‘No, please. Shit! Oh shit! Nkechi gasped.

Eroticnoire’s fingers moved faster, deeper inside Nkechi as they stroked her spot. Her walls clenched and spasmed from the sound of her juices on his fingers. He dipped lower under Nkechi and pushing his fingers up further inside her causing her to tiptoe and preach on the back of the sofa. Nkechi was looking down at Eroticnoire as he crouched down holding her tighter in the vice of his palm and fingers. She grabbed his forearm with both hands digging her nails into his skin. She could feel his muscles flex and roll as his fingers rocked back and forth on her spot.
‘ooh fuck! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. Fuck!’ Nkechi voice moaned as her body stared to jerk forward. She leaned her head back letting the tightening of her stomach command her movement.
‘Look at me! Eroticnoire said sharply.
Nkechi was whirling in a roundabout of pleasure spinning around and around. She pulled her head forward and gazed down at Eroticnoire whose head was level with her breasts. He looked up at her and bit her nipple through her shirt.
They erupted as the earthquake of pleasure rumbled from her breast, down her stomach and deep into her clit.
Her left leg was giving way from the shaking and she grabbed onto his shoulder for support. His fingers were moving in long deep strokes massaging her spot. The familiar warm heat began glow deep in her walls as they contracted and compressed against his fingers. She could feel the nobles of his knuckles rub against her clenched tightness. The sensation was swelling inside her and Nkechi’s eyes began to flutter as her eyes rolled backwards.
‘Look at me!!’

The deep voice of Eroticnoire was bold and strong. His bassline vocals vibrated on her skin adding to the sensations that ricochet around body.
‘oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!’
Nkechi’s legs gave way and her weight fell onto Eroticnoire’s hand. He braced against her and pushed her back up onto the back of the sofa lifting her off the floor. His fingers stroked with long, deep swoops.
Nkechi burst and throw out deafening moan as the 4th spray squirted out of her and into Eroticnoire’s palm as he kept his fingers working her spot. Her toes curled as her legs buck and kicked shaking from the shudders of the orgasm.
‘FUCK! OH FUCK!!’ YOU FUCK!’ Nkechi screamed
Eroticnoire pulled out his fingers letting Nkechi collapse backwards falling into the sofa. She lay on the sofa with her eye closed clasping her pussy as she jolted and shook from the electrify shock of her orgasm.
‘That’s number four’ Eroticnoire said calmly as he walked round to the front of the sofa where Nkechi lay still juddering.
‘I fucking hate you Mr E’ Nkechi said between convulsions.
He chuckled and knelt down beside her.
‘Would you like another one?’ he asked playfully
Nkechi gripped her pussy tighter, which caused her to jolt from the sensation
‘NO!’ she said after the tremor had subsided
She could hear the smile in his voice but she couldn’t look at him. She had screamed like a possessed witch.
‘Well Ms Nkechi I hope you’re happy with our home delivery servicing’ he said standing up. She could hear him take another sip of wine and walk to the other side of he room.
‘Please do let us know if and when you’d like another delivery. I’ll see myself out.’
Nkechi was too weak to raise her head off the sofa.
‘I can’t move’ she said apologetically.
‘Please don to worry about seeing me out Ms Nkechi. Take your time to recover and … maybe clean up the … spillage.’ Eroticnoire replied with a cheeky tone in his voice.
Nkechi felt like she had just run a marathon and she could sleep for a week. She lay on the sofa helpless as she heard Eroticnoire walk out the room and her front door close. She wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep when her phone rang waking her up.
‘Bitch!! Where the fuck are you. This party is fucking live! You best hurry up and reach and get you some action’ Adenike yelled down the phone.
‘Sorry hun, I … er … you know what I’m good. I’m four times good’ Nkechi mumbled down the phone.
‘huh?! What the fuck you on about?’ Adenike asked confusedly.
‘Eroticnoire, squirt, four times’ Nkechi was drifting back off to sleep.
‘WHAT THE FUCK?!? YOU DID WHAT? Adenike yelled even more loudly.
Nkechi hung up the phone and switched it off and slowly drifted back off to sleep as she thought to herself.
Four times…not bad for a novice.

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