I want my words to …

I want my words to
Kiss you on the neck of your yearning
Their lips are full of mature wisdom
Plumb with delicate understanding
Soft with gentle consideration
Let them converse with your desires
Listen to the confessions of your fantasies
Make the nipples of your attention hard

I want my words to
Make you know the desire of narrative pleasures
Beautifully raw and delicately powerful
Have the firm hands of their verses take hold
Pull you
Take your breathe away
Yet cause you to breathe heavy

I want my words to
Whisper to your rose bud
The lips of my articulation wrap around your nib
Feather stroke it with the tongue of my eloquence
Make your woman lips become full and swollen
The scent of our poetic intercourse to fill the air
So you can inhale the aroma of literary indulgence

I want my words to
With fluid thoughts
Until they seep into the knickers of your dignity
Cause you to take them off
The clit of your imagination to throb
Tingle with curiosity
So you can’t help but touch yourself

I want my words to
Become nimble fingers of fluency
Sink into your wet thoughts
Caress the gspot of your mind
Make you spasm appreciation to the images I create
Make the walls of your consciousness clench
Hold on to my words

I want my words to
Soft suck on your originality
The tongue of my creativity
Slow dance around the pearl of your inspiration
Trace circles around the nib of your insight
Make the eyes of your logic roll backwards
And when I slurp on the juices of your inhibitions
Fireworks of intellectual shudders explode inside you

I want my words to be
Slide deep inside you
Fill you
Glide along the walls of your sexuality
Make your senses harmonise a chorus of pleasure
Move you
Let you ride them
Until you cum
Orgasm new thinking and release

I want my word to …

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