Hotel reservations

Exhilaration prickles up the back our necks
Childish excitement
Adult anticipation
We sign-in under an alias
Yet within our room we are our true selves
Act our shoe size
Laugh out loud
In this four walled space we are free
Liberated from the incarceration discreet rendezvous
Victoria has no secrets here
As I remover her from your form
My eyes shine bright in this low light
Your form is a candle
I am a moth
Drawn to your delicate heat
Burnt by desire
We touch
And I become blind to the world
Your nipples are Braille my tongue reads
Passion rages in me
The tornado of lust you evoke in me
Blows me away
We decorate the room with our sex
Paint the walls in the vibrant colour of moans
The walls smeared with hair grease stains
Our finger prints etch on the mirror
The desk carries the autograph of your wetness
Chair is branded with your finger nail marks
Bed sheets lay discarded on the floor
Rearrange the furniture
Art sexual décor orgasm
We collapse into entangle limbs
Kiss until we fade into sleep

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