My tongue is a celebrity
Your clit becomes starstruck whenever it’s near
It camps out in harsh conditions of frustration
Wanting to be first in line to see it
It screams with excitement at the sight of my tongue
Reaches out from behind the barriers of soft folds of delicate skin
Finger tips of 8,000 never ends wave and wiggle
begging to be touched
Asks for my tongue to sign its autograph
The smooth fluid flow of my tongues signature leaves your clit emotional
Camera flashes of tingles explode and pop
Capture the cool, calm motion of my tongue
Rushes images of sensations up your spine
And prints it on the front page of my mind
Sight, hearing, smell taste create gossip columns of envy
As my tongue takes its victorious procession
Between your thighs
The celebrating spectators of your lips
cheer and whoop with delight
They celebrate the return of my tongue
Your juices are a liquid vip carpet
Praise the motion of my tongues butterfly walk
Your folds gather around my tongue
Labia groupies
Offering themselves to my tongue
Whispering invitations of seduction
Coil themselves around my tongue
Drape over it
Your entrance wants an exclusive interview
Opens herself to my tongue
welcomes it with vulnerable assertion
Flaunts her elegant body of tightness
Passes innuendos of spasms
Flutters her eyes lids of shudders
proclaims my tongue as God’s gift to female pleasure
Until your orgasm
Offers me a star role
in the 3D blockbluster motion picture of your pleasure
My tongue is a celebrity
And your clit
Its number 1 fan


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