Story: Opportunity knocks – pt2

Nkechi looked at her phone tapping the screen with her thumb.
‘mmmmmm’. She thought to herself as she mulled over the prospect of meeting Eroticnoire and most of all the prospect of squirting. Before her logic had time to catch up with her fingers she was typing on her BB.
‘Well, if you think you can make me squirt, if it your best shot (or should that be best suck). She pressed send and looked at the screen. Her logic had finally caught up with her and was gasping and panting trying to catch its breath.
Er … what the fuck are you doing Nkechi? Are you out of your mind?
Her logic has huffing and puffing after the Usain Bolt sprint it had to do to catch up with her quick and irrational message.

Nkechi could hear her logic very well as she was busy watching her BB screen. She was waiting as the ‘d’ had changed to ‘r’ signifying Eroticnoire had read her message; and was waiting for his reply. There was nothing. She looked at the screen and her heart began to thumb in her chest and echo in her ears.
Shit! I’ve upset and offended him. Shit, shit!!
Nkechi glared at her phone’s screen as her heart pounded in her chest. Her logic stood in front of her, arms folded kissing her teeth saying
‘see!! If you wasn’t so fast and waited for me none of this would have happened.’
Just then Eroticnoire’s status changed to ‘writing a message’. A momentary relief washed over Nkechi as she thought ‘phew’ he’s writing back was replaced by ‘shit, what if he’s about to cuss me’.
Nkechi’s logic smirked at her, giving her the ‘I told you so look’.

Her phone vibrated as Eroticnoire’s message came through.
‘So, you doubt my skills do you? For that young lady I’m going make you squirt at least 4 times.’
Nkechi’s mouth fell open as she read the message. Nkechi’s hand jumped up and covered her mouth as she re-read the message. The number 4 jumped up and down flashing at her as she took in the message for a second time. Nkechi’s logic stumbled and then sat down on the floor next to her.
‘You done did it now’ it said looking up at her from as it sat on the floor weak from the shock of Eroticnoire’s message.
‘Shit! 4 times?!’ Nkechi said out aloud.
She remember the time Adeola told her how she squirted twice in one particular kinky sex session and it knocked her out for the night. Nkechi’s heart was in her mouth; her mind was spinning as the number 4 swirled around her head. Adeola’s accounts of the intense, toe curling, fully body shaking pleasure and draining effect squirting had on her had Nkechi filled with fear, excitement and wonder. She stood frozen in her hallway as she took in the pending experience she would be facing later.
I can just about manage to orgasm 3 times on a good day, she thought to herself. If Adeola’s stories are true I’m in trouble! Nkechi’s logic clambered to its feet.
‘Now’s a good time to back away; don’t bite off more than you can chew.’ it said shaking its head at the thought of squirting 4 times on the first time.
Nkechi wasn’t listening. She counted from 1-4 over and over in her head. Not only would I be able to finally know what Adeola has been bragging about but I can brag Adeola that beat her record.
A mischievous smile spread across Nkechi’s face. Her logic knew that smile all too well. It buried its head in its hands and groaned
‘We’re so fucked.’

Nkechi began to type a message back to Eroticnoire. ‘Yeah, yeah! Whatever! You couldn’t make a squeezey bottle squirt’
She hit send and let a wide smile stretched from cheek-to-cheek across her face. Her logic threw its hands up in the air and walked away saying over its shoulder.
‘You, young lady, are on your own. Don’t come crying to me when you’re pussy can’t take the heat’
Nkechi held the phone tightly in her hand smiling to herself at the deliberate mischief she was getting herself into.
‘It would seem that someone is trying to provoke a response. I’d suggest they be careful they don’t get what they can’t handle.’ read the message from Eroticnoire.
Nkechi’s body was beginning to tingle with thoughts of pleasure that could be had. She bit her bottom lip and began typing again.
‘Well, the proof is in the tasting of the pudding and my pudding tastes real sweet. Come and take a taste test.’ She hit send again before she changed her mind.

Nkechi’s mind was exploding with thoughts of how it would feel to squirt. How it would feel the have Eroticnoire make her squirt. She wasn’t sure which excited her more; the prospect of squirting or the prospect of meeting Eroticnoire. She loved getting head, she loved getting good head. Flashbacks to times had the pleasure of having a tongue slide up and down between her wet lips. The moment when she was slow whining on a long tongue. Tingles sparked between her thighs as past memories mingled with future possibilities. She could feel herself getting wet and her nipples becoming hard. She was still standing in her hallway unable to move. She was more horny than she realised.
I might rape Eroticnoire the way I’m feeling right now she thought. She burst out laughing at the idea of Eroticnoire fleeing from her flat trouser round his ankles.

She looked at the phone as Eroticnoire’s message came up.
‘Taste test huh? Well, I have a refined palette and a sophisticated tongue. I would love to taste your pudding. I’m a sucker for a sweet dessert’
Nkechi smiled at the blatant innuendo. She could feel her clit throbbing at the thought of Eroticnoire’s tongue swirling around her clit. The sensation made her grip her phone tightly in her hand. She was horny, very horny. She closed her eyes and let the sensations take her away. Her walls clenched as thoughts of his tongue inside her breathing to become heavy. There was no denying it; she was horny as fuck. Nkechi bit her lip and shock her head trying to regain her focus. She inhaled deeply and began to walk back into her living room trying to think of a witty reply.
She sat down in her sofa and pick back up her glass of wine she had left on the coffee table. As she took a sip the reply came to her. She plonked the glass back down and began to type.
‘My juices are a vintage wine. My dessert with make your taste buds sing. I taste better than your mummy’s cooking.’
She hit send. Picking up the glass again she slouched back in her sofa and stared at her phone smiling.

Eroticnoire’s reply came back almost instantly.
‘Better than my mummy’s cooking. Sounds like I’ll be eating YOU for Sunday dinner from now on. I hope you’re prepared for my appetite as I do like to eat. Nkechi’s clit jumped as she imagined being eaten like Sunday dinner. She crossed her legs and began to twist and turn on her sofa as her walls twitched and clenched. Nkechi took another sip of wine, placed the glass back down on the table and let her fingers drift down between her legs. She closed her eyes as her fingers tips reached her knickers. Her legs fell open welcoming her fingers with anticipation. She slowly slipped her fingers down into her knickers and down to her wetness. As her fingers reach her lips they were greeted with the light silky wetness of her lips. She moaned with pleasure and release as her touch glided over her lips. She could feel the wetness of her knickers on the back of her hand as she slipped her middle finger insider herself.
‘fuck!’ Nkechi inhaled through clenched teeth as she arched her back and let her finger slide deep into her tightness.
The faint voice of logic was calling her in the distance. ‘Er … hello! Make yourself cum and you’ll be half tired before he gets here.’
Nkechi knew her logic was right, she usually was, but she really needed to release. She slid her finger out her pussy and began to trace circle around her clit, careful not to touch it. She knew if she touched her clit she would most certainly want to make herself cum. Her fingers slowly circled around her clit; delicate, light and cautiously sliding across her wetness. Her clit was throbbing hard and strong begging to be touched. It spoke to her with pulsating dialogue pleading with her fingers to caress it.
Her clit became frustrated by her teasing fingers released a tingle that firework exploded through Nkechi’s body. She gasped as the sensation caused her jerk upright.

Just then her phone vibrated again; it was another message from Eroticnoire. She slipped her fingers out of her knickers and slipped her wet fingers into her mouth.
‘Mmmmm … I taste good. Eroticnoire is going to love this piece of sweet pussy’ she said to herself.
She picked up the phone and read the message:
‘Before your lesson begins you should take a quick read of my ‘notes’ – squirting 101 and how to taste her. Please pay attention to the sensations you’ll experience just before you squirt. If you have any questions please let your teacher know asap. Your lesson starts at 9:30pm’
She smiled at the message and replied.
‘Sir, yes Sir!’
I better jump in the bath and freshen up she thought. She pulled herself off the sofa and made her way into her bathroom. Her bathroom was her second favourite place in her flat – her bed being the first. She was a water baby and could spend ages in the bath, just relaxing, staying in the water until it went cold, letting some out and then refilling it while still in the bath. She turned on the tap and poured in some lavender bubble bath and then some baby oil.
Got to ensure my skin is soft and smooth for Eroticnoire she thought.
She left the bath running and made her way back into the living room. She was still wet and her clit still throbbing. She slipped her hand back down her knickers as she walked towards the sofa and let her finger tip circle her clit once more. Realising that she looked like one of those ghetto hood thugs who walk around with one hand down their saggy jeans she chuckled.
‘I’m such a man sometimes. God knew what he was doing to make me a woman. I’d be terrorising pussy left, right and centre if I was a dude.’ She paused for a moment at the realisation of the double standards that men can fuck around and be called a player and women that do it are called a hoe. She kissed her teeth.
‘All I know is I’m looking some tongue action tonight, fuck what society thinks. This clit needs some TLC.’

Her BB light was flashing red, two new messages. The first message was from Adenike.
‘Oi chick! Make sure you’re ass is ready for tonight. Nathan has just invited us to an adult party!! You’re ass best be ready for some freak action tonight.’
Great! She thought. The one night I’m about to learn how to squirt the long overdue invite to Nathan’s infamous parties finally comes through.’ Nkechi thought to herself.
She had been waiting for over 5 months for an invite to one of Nathan’s parties. She had heard the rumours, seen photos and been given first hand accounts by Adenike. She’d been told it was a decadent mix of chocolate brothers and hot freaky girls. She remember the time Adenike spent an entire week ranting on about how guy tasting her for over an hour and made her cum more than 6 times. Adenike had dubbed him Mr Tonguetastic from that day on and. He was at every one of Nathan’s parties and she had the pleasure of his oral skills every time she attended.
Nkechi’s clit starting doing somersaults at the thought of being tasted for an hour.
Yes please!! It throbbed.
As much as Nkechi loved dick she had always wanted to explore being with a woman. She figured another woman would know what and how to pleasure her. Plus, during her time with Moses she had watched a dozen girl-on-girl movies and always got turned on by them.
‘I could have some hot chick tonight for the first time.’ She thought.
Her phone vibrated again; it was a message from Eroticnoire.
‘Good. 9:30 it is. If you’re unsure about your lesson; speak now of forever hold your clit’.

Nkechi stared at the message as she weighed up the opportunities that lay before her. Should she go to Nathan’s party with Adenike or go ahead meet Eroticnoire. She pondered on the options…

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