fluent …

TV is what you are to me
I watch you
Glued to the channel of you
Your motion has causes me to tune in to your frequency
I record your show
There will be no commercial breaks
Lust is turned up full blast
The world is on mute
I watch you tentatively
The curves of your programme has me on the edge of my seat
Waiting for the next episode of you
The storyline of your ass has me gripped

Opaque tights
Cling to you
Your second skin
Merge into your tone
I envy them
How they know your curves so well
Glint and shine in the soft bedroom light
They mock me
But revenge is sweet
For I shall soon peel them off you
Discard them
Let them crinkle and fold up in a corner
And I will educate your skin to my delicate touch

Is how your senses refer to me
A professor in tingles
Doctor of tightness spasms
The scholar of pussy shudders
Your five senses love to be teacher’s pet
Take a seat in the front row of my pleasure class
the university of lip biting indulgence is where they study

Open & Close..
This Is the game we play
Open your legs
Close my lips around your clit
Open your mouth and exhale delight
Close my eyes and listen
Open you vocal cords and release a moan
Close my hands around your as and squeeze
We indulge in this dance of opposites
Your dialect reduced to incorrect syntax and profane grammar

Punctuation of tongue strokes
This is how I write
Correct your clit-literature
translate the silent spasms and convulsions expressed in the language of your body
Into audible linguistics
I am fluent in all languages of your wetness
Clitoral-Rosetta Stone
I love how your accent taste on my lips

copyright Eroticnoire |  twitter: @eroticnoire | youtube.com/eroticnoire

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