word wednesday No3

WW poem No3. words submitted by Talena:
Blue Green Gold Black and white

Green spring roots of anticipation flourish
They grow in the warmth of sunshine foreplay
Tropical heat of want
Bloom in the humidity of prolonged indulgence
This desire is ripe
Full of the juices

White is flash of tingles
They spark
Lighting that shocks us
Voltages of electrified pleasures
We judder and convulse from its current
Blinding light shines inside nerve endings

Black is the hue of nipples
A planet the floats in the dark space of your areola
Held in the gravitational pull of their stiffness
My tongue is moon
Orbits the planet of your nipples

Gold is the colour of your wetness
Liquid precious mineral
24 carat of pleasure
I use my hardness to stamp my hallmark
Dig deep to find your raw form
Reach into your core
Unearth you

Blue is the colour of Caribbean waters of ecstasy
Sunbathing in afterglow
We lay on the beach of fulfilled release
Let the tide of bliss wash over us
Listen to the ocean of delight

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