word wednesday No2

the colours submitted by Lisalday
green, scarlet, granite, rose, blue

scarlet is the colour of our sex
and i wonder
if passion like ours is the 8th deadly sin
some kind of heavenly-decadence

Forever green is our love
we have loved 1,000 upon 1,000 times
yet it is always new
from the soil of our desire
grows the thick forest of your lust
we are lost in the depth of it

Granite is how this world can be
cold, hard, coarse
but we cause it to crumble
break and fall to pieces
as we go hammer and tong
chisel at this rock of a plant
create a sculpture of delight
we bedrock

Rose colour is our urgent want to release
a beautiful flower
perched on a steam of thorny lust and desire
prickly if not held correctly
I always long to suck on your rose bud
cause it to bloom

Blue is the colour your exhale
calmed relief
the cooled heat from the fire in your belly
As you melt
Your moans
clouds that float in the air
your release a rainbow of pleasure
An orgasmic pot of gold at the end

2 thoughts on “word wednesday No2

  1. This is absolutely wonderful…thank you and I look forward to next week. You are amazing…it wasn’t that long ago when I submitted my five colors…This is just awesome

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