Word Wedensday – interactive erotic poetry

welcome to Word Wednesday (WW) where readers and followers help craft my poems. The idea is real simple, every week i’ll ask you guys to post random words from which I’ll form a poem (or several).

To keep it lively and the words may be of a particular topic, theme, concept i.e today’s WW is:
3, 2, 1 (3 words, 2 emotions, 1 scenario)
you submit 3 random words, 2 emotions & 1 scenario and i’ll craft a poem from your submissions.

You’ll have up until Friday to submit your words in the comments box below and i’ll post my responses by Monday.

Remember; random and abstract words are great and keep things interesting. Lets have some fun 🙂

5 thoughts on “Word Wedensday – interactive erotic poetry

  1. Passion / Butterfly kisses / Pleasure

    Excitement / Fulfillment

    A candle lit, rose petal, romantic music in the background, jacuzzi evening with strawberries and cream and a glass of red wine.

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