five word challenge – sample No4

Here’s words submitted by lisalday111711:
Sweat, intoxication, voyeurism, smouldering, exhibitionism
The resulting poem is …

Is what the sun goes from the heat our passion radiates
Our lust gave fire 3rd degree burns
Your anticipation made water wet
We are the elements
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Go deep & plough your soil
Create a tornado of passion
Burn with fire desire
Submerge ourselves in the audio liquid sounds of moans
We drink in this pleasure and become drunk

Swills around our head
This vintage of matured love is refined
Grown in the vineyard of cerebral stimulation
Ripened under the sunshine of indulgent foreplay
We sip slowly
Take our time to enjoy this wine
Let it dances on the palette of our delight
A carnival of flavour
We let the rhythm move us
Our bodies pressed air tight against each other
I love to watch you move
When we sex
Watch you
A delicious optical banquet

Is my indulgence
Your shape
Your form
It is holy ground
I long to worship at the alter of your wetness
Speak in tongues
Cause your clit to have tambourine tingles
I want us to sex in ways that would make Lucifer blush
Create a new form of sinful-heaven
Peaceful release
Carnal desires that leave us smouldering

like coal
We become human origami
We contort ourselves
Limbs fold
We stretch beyond our normal range
Bend in ways never attempted
During intensity of passion
Only during our bedroom Olympics
Compete in karma sutra athletes
Go for gold
Celebrate for the medal of
Orgasmic champion
For we know the celebration will be an joyous exhibitionism

Is how we express our release
Loud and boastful behaviour
Become the centre of each others attention
Revel in the spinning
As tension bubbles over
A balloon
Pricked with the pin of ecstasy
We are deflated
In euphoric pieces afterglow bliss


  1. Reblogged this on My Spirit Journey and commented:
    I came across a blog where the writer of erotica asked its readers for 5 words that could be written in a poem. Since It was erotica I came up with the following words and to my delight a poem was written using my five words for me. I am honored and I just love it…….warning a cold shower may be needed after reading. Thanks for sharing and I love your poetry.

  2. It is fantastic and I reblogged it on my blog. Thank you for sending me your finished project with my words. You are good. I didn’t think you would be writing a different poem for each set of five words you got. Lots of work but maybe not so much to you being the natural poet you are. Lovely….thank you

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