the sweetest time …

The humidity of our longing is thick
Atmospheric water vapour of anticipation rises
Moves through dimensions of dry rational and moist lust
Becomes heavy
Clouds of our passion swells
The gravity of abandon cause droplets of wanton release to fall

And so it begins to rain …

The heavens mirror us
Water battle ensues
A battalion of water soldiers storm down from the sky
March on roof tops
Stills the buzz of this bee hive busy world
Imposes a water curfew
Long water fingers glide down windows
Polish the roads with wet shine

We are indoors
Creating a monsoon
Become engulfed in the surround sound of rains music
We kiss
1,000 volts of our lustful electricity flashes and cracks loudly
Bright and jagged
The thunder of our moans
Boom and vibrate
Sonic bassline sounds
Sheltered under the umbrella of you
Your wetness rains down on me
A beautiful oxymoron
Open the clouds our your legs
Soak me in your torrential rain of pleasure

In my mind plays a song
‘di sweetest time ah when di rain start fall’…

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