In the darkness
Thick liquid shadows spill across our room
Silent ocean waves of fluid silhouettes
Splash against the walls
The absence of colour is vivid

We lie in sleeping spoon shape
Back against chest
Rapid eye movement at its peak
You stir in your sleep
Rub against me
Our bodies are flint
Our desire sleep walks as we slumber

Graceful fumble
We explore each others familiarity as if it were new
Blinded by forever fresh curiosity
Fingers and mouths give us 20-20 vision in the obscurity of sight
Sleep fades into the blackness of curtains closed bedroom

We close are eyes so we can see clearly
Lust is our white cane
Guides us
Our blankets unfold and open
A quilted flower petal
Blossoming under the moonlight of desire
The pollen of our passion smells of coco and lavender

You straddle me
Hold me in your palm
Slide me into your tight wetness
Cause me to travel into space
Become a thermonuclear mass
Generate heat
Sparkle in the cloudless night sky of pleasure

My mouth orbits the plants of your areola
Move my waistline
Gravitational pull causes you to spin
Protons of tingles spark
Neutrons of spasms multiply
Electrons of pleasure become unstable
They expand
We become Gods
Create a new universe
born from the darkness of our bedroom

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