what you done did

See …
See what you done did
You got me walking round with poetic hard-on
Making me wanna take my erect words and fuck you until you’re speechless
I’m having thoughts of bending you over, holding the hips of your imagination and pushing deep inside you with my imagery. My favourite position of poetic expression.
Feel the full roundness of your inspiration push back on me. Make clapping sounds of resulting lyrical exchange
Listen to the pussy wet sounds of your excited thoughts as you reach back and guide me deeper inside you. Feel the tightness of your crafted words grip me, squeeze me as we ride this rhythmic flow of lyrical pleasure. Got me wanting you to moan my name like recited poems ….
See … See what you done did.

copyright Eroticnoire | BB: 2934C9C2 | twitter: @eroticnoire | youtube.com/eroticnoire

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