Naturalist – version 1

The air is thick with humidity
Heavy with the arid absence of rain
We lay in the park
Long grass around us
We kiss
Use mouths to explore the garden of each other

We are watched
On show
Clouds roll over each other for a better view
Touch themselves until they swell and become full with their wetness
Mimic our caress
change form
Create new shapes

Wind to gasps
Catches its breath
Inhales the aroma of our scent
A flower perfume of sweat and lust
Fill its lungs
Exhales summer breeze admiration
Dances in the leaves of trees

The sun blushes
Becomes flustered
Perspires from the heat of our fire passion
Orbits us
Pulled in by our gravitational pull of desire
We are the centre of its erotic solar system
Two stars that have collided and formed a galaxy of pleasure

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