Coffee, Cake and Kink – pt4

Tannisha felt drunk and weak, her head was spinning and she felt disoriented. Between her thighs tingled as Femi ordered her to stand up. She rested her hands on the wall and began to lift herself to her up. Femi stood back smiling and watching Tannisha stagger to her feet. As she stood upright she released her legs were still shaking.

‘Hands back on the wall, looking at the toy’ Femi ordered.

Tannisha wondered if she’d be able to contain herself it he were to continue. The room felt still, silent, warm. It was as if all the furniture and toys on display were looking at them in shock and awe. The air was thick and heavy as if it were holding its breath waiting to see what Femi would to do next. Even the mumbles and chatter from upstairs had seemed to cease. The world has stopped and only the sound of Tannisha’s heartbeat pounding was all she could hear. Femi’s trousers fell to the floor and he shuffling closer towards her. She looked into the reflection of the glass display and could see him watching her.
He lifted her dress him back up so it was gathered up over her ass and resting in the small of her back. Femi was holding on to his hardness which was pointing upwards towards the ceiling. He stroked it softly as a sinister smile curled the corner of his lips upwards. He gripped his dick and pressing it downwards causing it to become taut and stiff wanting to return to it’s upwards direction. He guided it between Tannisha’s legs and rubbed it against her inner thigh. Tannisha could feel its smoothness, its rigidness as Femi teased her as he held the base tapping it against her woman lips. Its hard thickness pressing upwards as it tried to flex up. Tannisha bit her lip as Femi’s stiffness beat against the soft folds of her woman lips. The delicate clapping sound of Femi’s hardness against her softness made Tannisha’s clit tingle and her walls pulsate.

‘Who does this belong to? who’s pussy is this?’ Femi asked as he continued to tap against her lips which had become full and swollen with anticipation.

Tannisha knew the answer. She knew she had gladly and willing given it over to Femi. He didn’t have to claim it, assert any territorial skate on it. It was his … all his. She relinquished ownership that day he tasted her for a whole 90 minutes nonstop. That day her clit had died, gone to heaven, was resurrected and then died and went back to heaven again. The way he made love to her clit it was nothing but epic, he kissed it with such emotion, sucked it with dedication, swirled his tongue around it with the grace of ballet. She never believed a woman could get head so good it made her weep until Femi blessed her with his tongue. She knew her pussy was his and she gladly submitted to his authority.

Tannisha was lost in a labyrinth of sensations and flashbacks recounting the why, when and how Femi had claimed her pussy. She was brought spinning back into the present as Femi pressed his head in between Tannisha’s lips letting it sink slightly into her wetness.
‘Don’t make me ask you again Miss Brown’ Femi whispered.
Tannisha gasped at subtle but overwhelming breach of her entrance.
‘It’s yours! It’s yours Mr Okoro’ Tannisha said with a joyful submission. ‘It’s yours’ she whispered to herself causing her to smile at the thought.
Femi wrapped his arm around Tannisha’s waist and reached down between her thighs until his fingers found the front of her wetness and his tip. His fingers glided up and down between Tannisha’s lips and over his tip then up towards her clit. Tannisha’s fingers curled and clawed at the wall as her body reacted to the electricity that sparked from her clit and up her spine.

‘Shit!!’ Tannisha hissed as the intensity of Femi’s hardness at her entrance and his fingers stroking her clit shook deep inside her.

Femi began to rock his hips back and forth causing his tip to slide sandwiched between her wet lips. His fingers slow circling her clit.
Tannisha could feel herself beginning to build again. Her inner Goddess was confused at how quickly she was building up. Her logic reminder her that Femi was in charge and wouldn’t let her cum. They tussled and rolled around Tannisha’s head pulling, tugging and grabbing at each other trying to win the mental battle. Just as they rolled on the floor Tannisha’s lust burst in grabbed her inner Goddess and logic and knocked their heads together knocking them both out. Now in control her lust started to rock Tannisha’s waist in time to Femi’s movement. She needed to cum and was going to whether Femi allowed her to or not.

Just as Tannisha’s lust roared with delight a woman’s voice came loud and clear at the top of the stairs. Tannisha’s head spun round towards the stars. She gasped and covered her mouth in panic. The woman’s shoe and lower leg visible, she had on heels and tights and had taken one step down the staris. Tannisha tried to move and Femi held her still against wall.
‘shhhh, don’t move. Femi whispered as they watched the stairs. His hardness was still pressed between Tannisha’s lips, his fingers still on her clit.
Tannisha couldn’t move now if she wanted to as the woman took another step downwards. Her eyes and mouth opened wide as heart kicked violently in her chest.

I’m going to get arrest she thought. Shit! We’re gonna get caught. I’m going to get done for indecent conduct. That bitch is going to scream and everyone is gonna come down stairs. Oh my God, what’s my mum gonna say? Fuck, fuck, fuck, my dad is going to beat the shit out of my grown ass self. I’m going to have a criminal record. Fuck I’m going to lose my job.

Tannish’s mind flew off out her body flying at the supersonic speed of fear and into the atmosphere breaking the sound barrier of contemplation. Her heart galloped louder than 1,000 horses. Femi was still, quiet. He suddenly began to rock his hips as the woman took her third step down the staircase trying to negotiate the odd half step staircase. Tannisha’s head felt as if it has somehow become heavy with fear but light with the sensation of Femi’s tip between her lips. Femi’s voice was low and soft.
‘I can feel you heat rate beating in your clit Miss Brown’
Tannisha felt as if she was going to faint.

Then suddenly a strange but familiar voice boomed from upstairs, it was John, the shop owner.
‘Excuse me Miss, down stairs is strictly off limits tonight. Nobody is allowed down stairs’.
Tannisha lost all sensation in her body as she fell into a river of relief and was washed away.
The woman shuffled on the stairs and ascended back up to the shop floor. Tannisha’s head fell limp as the woman’s legs disappeared out of sight.

Femi chuckled as Tannisha let a long sigh escape her lungs. Just as Tannisha’s panic and faded from her body Femi’s fingers found another spot on her clit that made her shudder.
‘You … oh shit! … you little fuck!’
She growled at Femi as the fear and panic that had just filled her body was washed away in a tsunami of pleasure. Her heart rate was still high and her breathing sharp and shallow. She wanted to fuck Femi to release the fear and pleasure that was battling in her body and mind. She was just about to turn around and she remembered Femi’s order. She repeated the mantra to herself
‘hands on the way, keep them there, hands on the wall’ ….’ But her desire had mutated into a dark wild beast and she reached down between her thighs with her right hand and took hold of Femi’s hardness. His long thickness filled her hand as she wrapped her fingers around it. Hard and bulging, it was smooth and soaked in her wetness. She gently squeezed it and could feel the veins slide against the palm of her hand as Femi’s length glided through her palm and slowly dipped in and out of her tightness.
Femi groaned as she squeezed him. He slid out of Tannisha until just the tip of his roundness rested against her entrance.
He growled and inhaled, pausing as his tip rested teasing Tannisha’s wet wanton entrance.
‘I told you keep your hands on the wall’ Femi growled.
Tannisha knew she had pissed him off. He grabbed her waist tighter, his strong fingers sinking into her waist and with the deepest of thrusts he pushed hard into Tannisha’s tightness. She stumbled forward from the force as her left hand gave way causing her to fall forward with her chest flat against the wall. Pressed up against the wall her hot breath caused a mist to form on the glass display as she breathed heavy and hard. Femi pushed inside her and held him self there. Tannisha could feel the long curve of his hardness pressing against the right side of her walls, its sensation caused her left leg to shake as the pleasure stumbled out from deep insider her and down into her toes. Her walls involuntarily clenched and gripped him as he filled her with his thick girth. Femi started to slow whine and her walls shuddered. His hips tilted; rolled, rotated and twisted and she could feel his hardness move inside her. It glided from her right wall, upward to the front wall, glided to the left side, dipped, glided backwards out of her and the slowly slipped back deep insider her and to pressing against her right wall. The motion was smooth, fluid and effortless.
‘Fuck me baby’ Tannisha’s passion spoken as it broke out of the prison of her mind and was making a desperate run to orgasmic freedom.

Her wetness had become uncontrollably. Each time Femi’s waist completed its slow rotation she would feel herself clench and a gust of wetness burst inside her and flood her tightness; she was full to the brim with Femi’s hardness and her juices. Tannisha was floating way in the melodic music Femi’s deep motions played inside her when he began to slide out of her. Tannisha gasped as her juices followed Femi and glided towards her entrance ready to break free and slide down her inner thigh.

Just as the tip of Femi’s length reached Tannisha’s entrance he stopped and paused once more, the round tip of Femi’s broad head just inside her. Tannisha could feel the tip pulse and swell insider her entrance as the blood pulsated into Femi’s length. Femi started his slow waist motion again, his head rimming her entrance. Tannisha could feel his head circle around her entrance from right, swooping upward to the top, and curving round to the left side, sliding outwards until it rested against her before sliding back in. The motion of Femi’s tip at her entrance caused her centre to make wet sound as he slipped out, and then back inside her. The squelching sound her wetness added to the pleasure she felt.
‘Miss Brown, I love to hear your pussy make that sound’ Femi mumbled between his short, staggered breaths.
Tannisha’s body spun and stumbled as it tried to keep up with the swirling pleasure she was feeling. Femi would alternate his slow whinning; first at her entrance then sliding deep inside her, then back to her entrance, then back deep inside her. He’d staggered and teased Tannisha never creating a pattern to how long or where he’d slow whine. She could feel her lips slip, and fold gently as Femi slid out and then back inside her.

As Femi slipped back inside her he moved both his hands from her waist and wrapped them both around her waist and down towards her clit. Tannisha moaned as her body knew that the combination of his fingers on her clit and him deep inside her would make her cum … hard.
She tilted her ass up arching her back so Femi could get in deeper. She could feel him press against her ass and her full round ass cheeks yielding to his pressure of his deep penetration. Femi bent his knees and dipped under Tannisha and pushed into her hard lifting her onto her toes like before. Tannisha’s head fell heavy against the glass display as Femi’s head dick head pressed against her spot throwing Tannisha into a washing machine spin cycle of pleasure.

‘Right there baby, right there. Oh fuck that feels good. Shit! Baby. Right there.’ Tannisha moaned as her body began to vibrate.

Femi was now deeper inside Tannisha than before holding himself inside her and whinning slower than before. His fingers had found her clit. The fingers on his left hand had lifted the soft folds of skin covering her clit causing it to protrude form its hiding place. The fingers on his right hand were tenderly circling the very tip of her clit teasing it softly. Tannisha’s body had become foreign to her as a new sensation emerged from depths inside her she never knew she had. The feeling grow from her clit and filled her walls which clenched and rippled as Femi continued grinding deep, slow and hard against Tannisha’s spot. She could feel her stomach scrunch and twist as a warm heat bubbled in between her thighs. The sensation was intense. It was harsh but sweet. Intense but soothing. The tingling was beginning to jolt and shake Tannisha’s legs. Her ass cheeks clenched tight as the warmth filled her stomach and spread down into the back of her legs spilling into her toes causing them to curl.

Tannisha’s voice had become nothing more than a whimper as she moaned
‘baby please … please … baby … what you doing to me?’

Femi’s voice was hard and coarse as he grit his teeth masking his own intense pleasure
‘I’m gonna make you cum. Your pussy is mine!’

Tannisha clenched her fist and thumped the wall as this new escalating orgasm began to take over her mind and invade her body. Tannisha was overflowing with pleasure, panic and wonder as her wetness swirled from deep inside her. She could hear its wet sounds flood the basement room. She climbed higher and higher and higher as her wetness running down her inner thigh. She squeezed her eyes tight; her eye brows were creased and contorted, her mouth open wide as her new orgasm exploded inside her causing her to throw her head back. Tannisha’s eye popped open and she inhale hard as her body erupted into convulsive spasms. Femi suddenly pulled his hardness out of Tannisha’s warm tightness and she released a jet of wetness from inside her. The spray hissed as it squirted out of Tannisha and splashed on the floor. Tannisha covered her mouth and whimpered and moaned as the liquid poured out her soaking the red carpet. She juddered and crumbled onto the floor still covering her mouth as the realisation of her first squirting experience washed over her.

Femi stood over Tannisha still hard his erection glistening under the soft light of the basement. He looked down at Tannisha with a sinister but cheeky smile on his face and extended his hand to help her to her feet as he said …
‘I told you, I control your pussy.’

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