Coffee, Cake and Kink – pt3

Tannisha’s eyes popped open.
Oh shit! did I hear right? She thought to herself. Her heart was thumping in her chest so hard she could feel it reverberate in ears.
‘I said … take … off … your … knickers’ Femi’s voice confirming Tannisha’s question.

Tannisha’s clit was drumming a wanton beat of desire and her walls where pulsating to the thumping rhythm. Tannisha’s logic tried to intervene to remind her she was in public. Her stomach tensed and curled at the thought of Femi’s hard thickness being inside her. Her walls clinched and pulsated causing a slow smooth ripple of wetness to glide from inside her, over her lips and onto her already soaked knickers. Her breathing was now erratic and jiggered as her hard and erect nipples began to push against her bra in search of Femi’s mouth to soothe them. Her rational stomped its feet and threw its arms up in the air shouting and trying to pull her back to a state of sensibility. Her desire had become deaf, unable to hear any voice or reason and logic. Tannisha took her hands off the wall and reached for the waistline of her knickers.

Her eyes still on the glass dildo in the display case she slipped her thumbs under the elastic and began to slowly pull them down. She could see Femi’s reflection, his eyes glued to hers. Femi’s face was calm, stern, focused and darkly moody. She had only seen that look once before and the resulting sex they had left her having aftershocks, shudders and flashback for days afterwards. She remembered how she made him wait nearly 2 weeks for sex just to test his will power. She dressed up, flirted, teased, made provocative comments but never gave him any sex. She thought he’d fuck her wild and hard if she made him wait but instead he fucked her so slow and deliberate she begged him to fuck her. She cussed, begged, pleaded and given punched him. Her mind flashed back to calling him all manner of offensive and derogatory names ‘little shit!’, ‘bastard’, ‘African cunt!’ Femi just maintained a slow, smooth motion as he slipped deep inside her, paused, push in a bit deeper, and then slowly slid back out until the tip of his round stiffness was at her entrance. She remembered how he’d bring her to the point of orgasm then stop and pull out of her making her shudder and shake as wave after wave of pleasure carried her back down from the brink of climax that was just outside her reach – eight times he did that to her. Tannisha, and her body, remembered how when he did eventually let her cum it was so hard and deep she nearly passed out. She recalled still shaking and twitching 15 minutes after the climax had stopped throwing her body across the bed like she was a rag doll. She looked at Femi and she knew he was about to exact a similar act on her. Tannisha was suddenly spun into a dizzy swirl of fear, panic, excitement, lust and want. She paused at the prospect of a repeat of that sexual episode

‘If I ask you to take them off one more time Ms Brown I’ll fuck so hard I’ll leave the imprint of my dick inside you’ Femi voice had never carried such conviction in the months they had known each other. Tannisha gasped at the prospect. She knew Femi was more than able to fulfil his threat. She pushed her knickers down over her hips and over her round, full curved ass. Just as she reached her hips Femi’s hands joined hers pulling her knickers lower. He was pressed up against her and she could feel him hard and long between her ass cheeks. He took a step back so he could pull Tannisha’s knickers down her legs. It curled up onto itself as Femi glided it down Tannisha’s thighs and down over her calf muscles.

Tannisha stood still. Femi crouched down behind her, knickers around her ankles, her wetness now free to glide down the inside of her thighs. Femi took hold of her ankle and guided her knickers of one leg and then the other. He kissed the back of her knees causing Tannisha’s leg to shake as tingles giggled up the back of her leg and deep inside her. Femi kissed the back of her knee again, French kissing the smooth groove in the back of her leg. Tannisha’s leg buckled as the new sensation caused shudders to reverberate up in her ass and exploding in the arch of her back.
‘Shit!! what was that?!’ she asked hoping Femi could enlighten her as to the new sensation her body grappled to take in.

Femi stood up cupping Tannisha’s ass with his right hand, holding the fullness of it in the palm of his hand. His hand whispered softly as it floated on the curve and down between her thighs. His fingers glided as soft as mist between her legs gliding just below her plump, wet woman lips as his palm rested in the insider of her legs.
Femi leaned closer to Tannisha’s ear, ‘I can feel the warmth of your pussy’ he whispered softly.

He turned his palm upwards opening his hand resting his ring and index finger either side of her mound. Tannisha wanted to grab his hand and thrust his fingers inside her but remembered is orders. She repeated it to herself
‘hands on the wall, don’t move them, hands on the wall, don’t move them’.
Her pussy had become heavy and full with anticipation and want. It began to twitch and clinch with angry frustrated desire letting warm wetness trickle out from her lips and over Femi’s fingers.
Femi groaned deep, ‘You know Ms Brown, I do believe your pussy is trying to tell me something’.

He pressed his fingers upwards pushing against Tannisha’s mound squeezing out the wetness from her woman fruit. He held Tannisha with his left hand gripping her waist as his fingers slowly moved back and forth against her mound. His fingers had become coated in Tannisha’s wetness and were slipping between her legs. Femi then stopped causing Tannisha to exhale and release a moan. Without warning he slipped his thumb inside her. It was thick, broad and she could feel the smooth knobble of his knuckle. Tannisha couldn’t help but moan as Femi guided his thumb to the front of her inner wall. She had gone beyond caring about the customers upstairs, gone beyond consideration of consequence if the owner came downstairs. Femi was gliding and rocking his thumb deeper and deeper inside her as if he was searching. Tannisha didn’t know what he was looking for and didn’t care. The oddly new and pleasurable sensation caused her to begin to rock against his thumb diving deeper and deeper.

Then she realised what Femi was looking for as his thumb pressed against a soft bumpy spot on the front of her wall. A thunderous tremor shuddered and exploded inside Tannisha’s stomach cause her to rise up on her toes as the sensation tambourine tingle, crackled and sparked throughout her walls, into her clit and pouring down into her toes.

‘OH MY GOD!! No, Femi, No!! OH MY GOD! No! I can’t take it, please Femi! What the fuck!! Please baby. Tannisha begged.

Her body was beginning to shake and twitch as the sensation caused her to jerk and shake. Femi’s thumb continued to press against her spot slowly moving in small circle. She began to panic as she could feel herself cumming but this was a different kind of orgasmic build up, it was making her clit pound hard and deep, her inside was beginning to get warm, hot, contract and clench.

‘Baby please, please, oh … my … God!!’

Tannisha begged again as the sensation spread to her stomach filling her abdomen with heat and tension. She could hear the wet sound of her pussy as Femi continue his slow, small, focused circles. Tannisha was on her tip toes as the feeling took her higher and higher. She was going to release an almighty orgasm and knew she was going to scream.
‘Femi!! Please!! Tannisha’s voice was trembling, mirroring the shaking of her body.
Just as she was racing to the point of release Femi pulled out his thumb causing Tannisha to collapse to the floor into a ball of juddering and shaking convulsions.
‘I told you, I control your pussy. I decide when you cum’. Femi said standing over Tannisha who was struggling to catch her breath. Her head still spinning Tannisha could her Femi unzip his trousers.
We’re just getting started he said ….

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4 thoughts on “Coffee, Cake and Kink – pt3

  1. Omg!!! This what should I called it? Let me say it could be a poem but for me it was more of living what was taking place. I really enjoy reading it and I can’t wait to read part 4. It was superb and excellent at the same time.

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