Coffee, Cake and Kink pt 2

Coffee, Cake and Kink pt2 …..

…Tannisha’s thoughts we bumper cars in her head, flashing, spinning and clashing into each other in her mind. Her breathing was deep and laboured as she slowed her thoughts and continued.
‘I’d put the toy in my mouth and pretend it was your dick and suck it slowly, deep throat it and let my saliva coat it like I do that dick of yours’. Tannisha found herself licking her lips at her own words. She could hear Femi’s breath stumble out of his mouth as his body relived how she’d suck him off in the past.
‘Fuck!’ he whisper as he jerked slight at the flashback.
Tannisha knew Femi’s kryptonite was her sucking his dick, she knew he loved her tongue piecing and how she used it. Hearing him respond she stunk out her tongue and tapped her piecing against her teeth and let the metallic stud sound whiffed into the air. She continued; ‘I’d flick the tip of the toy with my tongue piecing, swirl my tongue around the tip, let my tongue glide and dance in slow circles’.

Femi’s hand began to snake round her waist and down towards her front. Tannisha’s heart was kicking at her chest from the inside. Femi’s hands were big and strong; he had man’s hand in the real sense of the word. She loved his thick, long, powerful fingers. The way they’re gentle, tentative, nibble. All the 8,000 nerve-endings in her clit were dancing frantically, yearning to have a tango with Femi’s fingertips. His fingers found the hem of her mid-thigh dress and were pulling it up. She could feel the fabric tickle her skin as it floated up her legs. Her waist started to move of its own accord, rocking back and forth in anticipation of Femi’s fingers touching her.
‘Continue…’ Femi urged her, his breath warm and hot on her neck. She could feel her wetness intensify as the heat from his words floated across her skin. The intensity was building up and becoming too much causing Tannisha to close her eyes and lower her head as she let the moment take over her body.
‘No baby, keep your eyes open, look at the toy. Look at it.’ Femi Demanded. ‘Keep your eyes on the toy, look at it; let it inspire you.’

Tannisha raised her head and looked into the display once more. Femi’s gaze met hers in the reflection of the glass. His eyes were still as he continued to pull up the hem of her dress.
Tannisha continued ‘and after I’ve licked it until it’s soaked in my saliva I’d use it and tease my hard, erect nipples. Glide it down my stomach and between my legs. I would gently slide it up and down between my lips and make myself wet, feel its hard glass smoothness slip over the folds of my lips.’
Tannisha’s breathing was staccato and weighted with lust and urgency. Her nipples had become taut and erect, tingling with the craving want to be inside Femi’s warm mouth. Between her legs raged a torrent of wetness that bathed her knickers in moist desire. Femi’s fingers had pulled the hem of her dress all the way up to her waist. The cool air from the room whispered against her skin making goose bumps tickle her skin and giggle up the back of her legs. His fingertips tiptoed across the top of her knickers from her waist across to her stomach. His middle finger effortlessly glided under the waistline of her knickers and into the depth of her knickers. Tannisha widened her stance; partly because her legs were beginning the shake and party to allow Femi easier access. His big strong hands filled the front of Tannisha’s knickers stretching the material as more and more of his hand sunk deep and deeper, closer towards her wanton wetness. He paused his decent just above Tannisha’s clit. She inhaled waiting for the first touch of his fingers. Instead he leisurely glided his tongue up the back of her neck and whispered.

‘I know you’re wet, I know your pussy is waiting for me to touch it but … you’ve stopped talking. Continue telling me what you’d do.’
Tannisha’s desire was boiling. An angry lust we building insider her forming a whirlwind of impatient need for gratification. She was biting her lip and only became aware when the tried to continue her erotic description. Her lip stung a little with the realisation of how much pressure she had been placing on her lip.

‘I would tap the tip of it on my clit so I can feel the weight of it against my throbbing clit. Then I’d slowly trace circles…’
Just as she was mid-sentence Femi’s middle finger pressed against her clit causing Tannisha to gash sharply and release a soft moan. A wave of quivers fluttered from her clit deep into her walls and spilling like an over turned cup across her body. Tannisha was glad Femi educated her about the pleasures and benefits of a clit piecing. The little ring flipped to one side as Femi’s fingers touched her swollen nib. She could feel the cold hard metal press down on one side of her clit as Femi’s finger rested still on top of it.
She loved the way Femi touched her clit and played with her piecing. It was one her new and many weaknesses that Femi had command over. His index finger joined his middle finger and the slipped the tip of both fingers down into the delicate soft folds of her pussy.
Femi hissed as he inhaled.
‘Shit! Your pussy is so wet baby. Fuck. I love your wetness.’
He pulled his fingers back up and placed them on Tannisha’s clit.
‘Continue.’ He ordered.
Tannisha’s mind had exploded. She was floating. He nerve –endings were sparking and flashing like lighting. She pulled in a long deep breath to try balance the see-saw of pleasures rocking up and down in her body.
‘I would circle my clit, slow, smooth circle motions…’
Femi’s began to mimic Tannisha’s words. Her clit ring sway and moving side-to-side as his fingers made anti-clockwise motions around her clit. He would press down a little pushing the clit ring gently into Tannisha’s clit causing her body to judder with pleasure. Then he’d use feather soft strokes, his finger tips speaking softly to her clit. Tannisha’s pelvis titled up hoping for more of his fingers touch as the feather strokes traced O shapes around her clit. Tannisha let a moan spill out her mouth and into the smell of sex that had filled the basement room. She could hear people upstairs but was too far gone. She wanted to cum. Her senses where clashing and colliding with each other as the motion of his fingers encircled her clit over and over again would make her clit beat and pound with tingles. Femi moved his fingers slowly in focused loops. He’d move his fingers slowly, with deliberate focus as if his finger tips were listening, waiting for her body to respond, to react. Each time Tannisha shuddered Femi’s fingers would pause as if they were taking note; memorising the angle, pressure applied, which side of her clit, the response. His fingers were well educated yet wanting to learn, gain wisdom of what gave Tannisha pleasure. Tannisha’s couldn’t help it the sensation was rocking her body making her shudder as spasm as his fingers glided round and around. She took her left hand of the wall and reached backwards behind her to Femi.
‘Tut tut! Hands back on the wall and keep them there. You move them again and I’ll stop. Do you want me to stop?’ He asked
Tannisha’s whispered a defeated ‘No.’
‘Well, keep your hands against the wall and don’t move them again. Do I make myself clear?
Femi’s voice was low but laden with authority.
‘Yes’ Tannisha’s mumbled
Femi’s fingers recalled one of the spots and ways that made Tannisha shudder and pressed on her clit. She jerked and shuddered her head falling forward against the glass display.
‘Yes what?’ Femi softly snared
‘Yes Sir’ Tannisha expelled as she caught her breath
‘Good. ‘Now … continue’ said Femi. His fingers picking up their soft, slow loop around Tannisha’s clit.
‘I … I would …. I would circle …’ Tannisha couldn’t form a sentence.
Her mind felt like it was spinning backwards in darkness. Her head was still resting on the glass display. She could feel her stomach muscle tense and spasm, the first sign she was going to cum. She was going to cum in public, in a coffee shop, in central London with people just feet away. Shit! was Femi going to make her cum in the shop? He knows she makes noises she’s never been able keep quite when they had sex. She remember the note the neighbour left under her door – “We’re glad you’re having sex but some of us aren’t so fortunate and would like to sleep at night. Please be considerate!”
If Femi made her cum everyone upstairs would know what they were doing. She couldn’t let that happen, she couldn’t be so brazen. Logic and clarity began to emerge from the cloud of pleasure that had cast a shadow over Tannisha’s mind. She was beginning to calm herself and regain focus. Just them Femi, with delicate swiftness slipped his middle finger inside her and curled it up into a semi hook-shape. Tannisha’s eyes and mouth flew open wide in unison as she let out a moan of shock and pleasure. In that instant Tannisha was swirled back into a world of wanton lust. She wanted Femi’s fingers deep inside her. She was just about to grab his hand and guide it deeper insider but remember his orders. Tannisha’s heart was pounding. She could hear it in her ears. The rhythmic bump-bump of heart echoed through her body. She was moaning with a continuous soft moan as her hips moved forward against Femi’s finger. His finger slipped deep between her wet folds and into her warm wetness. She wanted more. Her moans blended with her staggered breathing and caused condensation to form on the glass of the display unit. Her walls clenched and trembled as she began to feel the familiar warmth grow deep insider her. Her eyebrows were taut and twisted as Femi slipped in his ringer finger to join the middle finger that was caressing her walls. The countdown commenced and she was going to cum and she didn’t want to stop it. Femi’s fingers twisted and turned inside her pressing against her. He kissed her neck and Tannisha’s legs began to shake as the tingle cracked down her spine. She was racing to the point of no return and her moans were becoming louder, deeper, more intense.
Femi kissed Tannisha on her neck as he whispered. ‘Not yet. I controlled your pussy. I decide when you can cum.’
He slipped his fingers out of Tannisha’s tightness which gripped and clenched not wanting to let go of the pleasure he was giving her.
‘Take off your knickers’ Femi said ….

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