Story: Coffee, Cake and Kink – pt1

Dedicated to CCK – a shop I’ve loved since I first discovered it back in 2004.

‘Coffee, Cake and Kink’

Tannisha stood outside the small unassuming shop front looking up at the signage ‘Coffee, Cake and Kink’. She shook her head as she asked herself out aloud.
‘How on earth did this boy Femi find such a shop?’
Coffee Cake and Kinky or CCK, as Femi titled, was a small narrow shop tucked away in the back streets of Covent Garden. It’s discreet, simple signage made it almost missable; something which would be consided self defeating for a busy central London shop. She stepped inside and the aroma of rich, deep coffee caressed her nose. She inhaled deep and let it fell her lungs. From the outside you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just like any other independent coffee shop but inside was a totally different story. It was a cross between Starbucks, Waterstone’s and Agent Provocateur. It had two small tables to one side of the shop and bookcases and displays on either side. Its crisp white walls housed several book cases packed with books upon books of erotica. Novels, photographic books, reference books, sex manuals and comics adorned the shelves; it was an erotic library. Placed randomly between the rows of books where cylindrical glass and marble curved ornaments. Tannisha thought they were beautiful pieces of art until she realised that they were in fact glass dildos. She gasped with both shock and awe. She’d never seen anything like them before as she’d always been used to the standard rampant rabbit toys. She pulled out a book from the shelf ‘How to taste her 101’. She chuckled and then felt between her thighs clench as she remembered Femi’s tongue gymnastics skills. If giving head was an Olympic sport that boy would be the world champion she thought. Her clit began to throb as if to agree with her. Femi won’t be need that book anytime soon and she placed it back on the shelf. She turned and looked at the rack of postcards. It was a cascading stream of images of lips, close up of body parts, abstract images of the body, cheeky slogans. She could see why Femi liked this shop, it was discreet, erotic and yet funny and relaxed. The corner of her eye caught the row of whips hanging on the wall and she couldn’t help but touch them. The soft tassels of leather tickled her fingertips. She coiled them around her finger and let them unravel themselves. She was in a new and wonderful world of sexual pleasure that was a coffee shop. Tannisha could feel her eyebrow crease as she tried to process her mind categorising this place.  She took a few more steps into the shop and pulled another book from the shelf; it was a large photographic book titled ‘Black Women’. She flick open the hardback cover and let the pages fall randomly on to a page. The woman looking at her was standing in the middle of a forest with nothing but a headwrap on. Her skin was the colour of dark coco and looked as smooth as silk. Her perked breasts where topped with nipples that pointed out as if they were 3D. Tannisha took in the image and the woman’s body.

‘Can I help you madam?’ A voice came from the end of the shop yanking her back to reality. Tannisha looked up from the book to see a tall, slim white man making his way from behind the counter. He smiled and approached her.
‘First time and Coffee, Cake and Kink?’ he asked seeing the look of wonderment on Tannisha’s face.
‘Is it that obvious?’ she asked feeling like she must look like some kind of erotic tourist.
‘No, not really, I just don’t recognise your face that’s all.’ Replied the man as he pushed his black rimmed glasses up his nose.
Tannisha took one last glimpse at the woman in the book before closing it.
‘I’m meeting a friend here’ she said looking at her watch ‘and he’s late!’.
The man waved his arm across his body ‘Well, make yourself at home. If you need anything just let me know.’
‘Thanks, I will do’ said Tannisha as she looked around at the shop. ‘My home doesn’t exactly have wall-to-wall erotic books and toys on display but I’ll try’
The man smiled and joined Tannisha as she continued to drink in the sight of the shop. ‘Good point, I’m sure many people’s homes don’t look like his. Just give me a shout if and when.’ He turned and made his way back behind the counter.

Tannisha was left once more with the book still in her hand contemplating if she should have another look or continue exploring. Just then Femi stepped through the doorway. She raised her eyebrow, looked down at her watch and then back up at Femi. He smiled his usual charming smile and opened his arms wide as if to offer surrender and a hug. Tannisha cut her eyes turning up her nose and looking away.
‘Baby, darning, suga, my little plate of saltfish and ackee’
Tannisha couldn’t help but burst into laughter as she corrected Femi ‘Its Ackee and saltfish you fool!’
Her pretend vexation gone, she smiled at Femi and opened her arms welcoming his hug.
‘Always late Mr, always late. You’re such a Nigerian’ She said trying to give him another “I’m vex with you look”. Femi’s mouth opened wide in pretend shock and hurt at Tannisha’s comment.
‘Would you prefer a ‘cum’ before you? He said with cheeky grin on his face. ‘Come on let me make it up to you and get you a coffee.’ He held Tannisha’s hand and lead her to the back of the shop where the man was waiting behind the counter.

‘Hi John, how you doing my friend? How’s the misses? You recovered from your operation?’ asked Femi. They exchange a firm man sized handshake over the counter. The man smiled and pushed his glasses up his nose.
‘I’m good thanks Femi, I’m finally getting back to normality. Two weeks of being in hospital was driving me mad. Although, I did get to know the nurses very well’
John winked and smiled before he continued.
‘The misses is great. She’s really getting into the rope bondage thing. She was asking about you the other day. She said you hadn’t been in the shop for a while.’
Tannisha’s mouth fell open with the weight of disbelief. What the fuck!? She thought; Femi knows the owner. No wait! The owner knows Femi. Shit!  10,000 questions exploded in her mind. A fire ball of confusion heated her mind and glowed bright and wild. The dust cloud of shock and flying debris of disorientated logic caused her breath to stop.
Femi shrugged his shoulders as he responded to John’s question ‘The modern day plantation got me working like a bitch. It’s been all work and no play … And no play.’
The two men chucked. Tannisha felt more like a firth leg let alone a third leg. She knew Femi’s reference to and no ‘play’ meant something sexual but she had no idea what or how. She managed to regain some composure and shuffled slightly from her frozen in shock stance. Femi looked at Tannisha quickly and could see the look of shock on her face. He’s eyes shined like new marbles, the glint of mischief catching the light of the shop and sparkling like a chandelier in the ceiling of his mind. The corner of his mouth curled up slightly as he read Tannisha’s face. He maintained eye contact with her as he introduced the two.

‘John, this is my friend Tannisha, Tannisha this is John the owner of CCK’
Tannisha held Femi’s gaze, her eyes flicking frantically from left to right trying to read Femi’s cool and mischievous expression. John reached over the counter and extended his hand to Tannisha who realised she hadn’t acknowledged the gesture.
‘Oh, I’m sorry, nice to meet you John, interesting shop you’ve got here’ Tannisha smiled as she took in John’s Clarke Kent meets school teacher persona.
‘Thanks, glad you like’ John replied. ‘Its nice to finally get to meet the mystery lady Femi’s been bending my ear about. I now see why he’s been so pre-occupied’
Tannisha’s nearly pulled a muscle in her neck as her head spun quickly to her right to look at Femi who was casually looking at a leaflet on the counter. He glanced up her, winked at her and returned his gaze back to the leaflet and continued to seem engrossed in it.
What had Femi said? What does John know about their last 3 months of wild and rampant antics across London and her flat. She could feel her heart begin to pound as embarrassment curled in her stomach and made her dark brown sugar coloured skin feel as if it had gone red.

‘Femi’s spoke all good things about you has been a total gentleman’ John’s voice came crashing through the wall of Tannisha’s thoughts. Could John read minds? How did he know what she was thinking? Her gaze was still on Femi who seemed to be ignoring her and kept his gazed fixed on the six inch piece of paper. She returned her focus back to John as he continued.
‘Femi say’s you’re from Jamaica. We have some Blue Mountain coffee would you like some?’
Tannisha felt as if she was standing naked in from of the Clarke Kent teacher wanna be. How and why did he know she was from Jamaica? The feeling made her shuffle on the spot once again.  Thankfully the mention of Blue Mountain coffee offered a molecule of refuge from the thunderstorm of thoughts raining down in her mind.
‘I’d love some thanks. Tannisha replied grabbing the opportunity of distraction with both hands.
John turned to Femi ‘Your usual?’
Tannisha’s moment of distraction was shattered by John’s question. For fuck sake?! She thought to herself. How often does he come in here for him to have a ‘usual’?
‘You know me too well Mr John Clarke. Can we also have a slice of your wonderful cake too please’
Tannisha was beginning to feel like this was some erotic You’ve Been Framed meets You’ve Been Punked. She was waiting, hoping, desperate for a camera and a TV crew to emerge from somewhere and say it was all a joke. John turned around and started to make the coffee and Tannisha’s hope evaporated as the smell of the freshly brewed coffee blanked her.
Femi slipped the piece of paper that held his focused attention into his back jeans pocket. He smiled at Tannisha ‘We can discuss this later’ patting the pocket he put the leaflet in.

‘So … what do you think of the shop?’ he asked putting Tannisha on the spot. He had a smug look embossed on his face. She knew what he was doing, she knew he was taunting her, pushing her, trying to make her embarrassed. Tannisha’s fire personality erupted and she gave Femi her infamous ‘don’t play with me orI’ll fuck you up nigger boy’ look. Femi smiled; he’s eyes spoke loudly with a defiant ‘bring you’re A-game baby’ statement.
He stepped close to Tannisha and placed his right hand on her waist. Tannisha eyes flared wide. Femi’s body was pressed up against hers and her body started to react. Femi reached up with his left hand as if he was going to stroke her face the way she likes. She closed her eyes and waited for the touch that always made her melt like ice-cream on a sunny day. Instead she heard Femi clear his throat causing her eyes to spring open. As they did Femi’s hand was stretched passing her face and reaching for the shelf behind her. His eyes glued to hers as he grabbed something from behind Tannisha’s head. She was frozen to the spot with panicked excitement. It dawned on her that she was in a coffee shop, which was a sex shop, being served by a stranger that knew about her, pressed up against a man who’s taught her more in three months than she’d knew her entire sexual life. Tannisha realised she couldn’t win; she was playing his game, by his rules, on his home ground and with John as back up.

Femi’s hand came back into view and held a solid glass dildo. It was a work of art, coloured glass swirled in the centre and its curved contours were elegant yet pronounced.
‘I think this would look good on your living room shelf’ Femi said. His voice was low, deep and calm. Their eyes wrestled and danced a tango of silent words. Femi gaze held Tannisha, swirled her around, causing her to fade into a world of just them. Femi’s right eyebrow raised slightly as the same side of his full lips followed and arched upward. Tannisha had seen that look before; it was always when Femi was thinking up his most devious sexual plan. He’d only give her those looks when they were in private and he could carry out his intentions. They were in public, with a bystander just a few feet away so she felt he wouldn’t do anything that would be his usual sexually outlandish level. Tannisha regained her composure and inhaled deep and long. She was going to let Femi know he might win his fight but she’ll get her revenge.
‘Femi Okoro, I’m so going to …’

Just then Femi pressed the glassed dildo against Tannisha’s front and rubbed it against her clit. She gasped loudly and jumped in shock. Tannisha stumbled backwards tripping over her own feet, her back making a deep thud as she fell against the shelf behind her. Femi’s smile was pure evil. She couldn’t believe he’d do something like that to her in public. This man knows no bounds.

John cleared his throat breaking up the staring contest between the two.
‘One Blue Mountain coffee, one freshly leaf peppermint tea with organic honey and one slice of CCK carrot cake. That’s £6.50 please’.
Femi pulled his wallet out his back pocket and handed John a crisp £10 note. ‘Add the change to my float please John, I’m sure we’ll be having something else later’. John pulled out a little wooden box from under the counter and dropped the changed into the box.
‘Would you two like to chillout downstairs. We’ve got a group coming in soon and they’re going to be a bit noisy’. Asked John as he extended his left arm gesturing to the spiral staircase in the corner behind the counter.

Femi took a step back and gestured for Tannisha to make her way behind the counter and follow John. Up until this point she had never felt concerned about any of the antics Femi had suggested but it seems she was about to enter a new world, see a new side to Femi.
Tannisha felt like Alice in Wonderland, an erotic wonderland. She was about to go down the rabbit hole and venture into a new wired and decadent world. The thunderstorm of questions erupted in her mind again as she followed John towards the narrow stairs.

‘You’ve got to be careful with these steps, we had them custom made and they are only half steps. You’ve got to start with your left foot first.’ John explained as he began his decent into what seemed like the underbelly of this debauched domain disguised coffee shop. As she took each step images of some kind of sex dungeon flashed in her mind. Whips, chains, fetish appliances all filled the vision of her mind as she descended the stairs.
What greeted Tannisha was not what she expected. Clean and crisp white walls, plush inviting red cushions, deep read carpets. Glass display units were embedded into the wall housed more glass dildos and other artistic looking sex toys while spot lights filled the ceiling. It was minimal, understated and yet highly sexual. This room was sexy and they had to themselves. Tannisha smiled at John ‘This is really nice down here’ the relief evident in her voice.

‘Thanks, we try to avoid the cheesy typical representation and expectation of sex shops and erotica’. Said John as pride made his smile spread broad and wide across his face as he looked around the room taking in its splendour as if for the first time. ‘Anyway, I’ll leave you two kids to your own devices’ as he turned and made his way back up the stairs.

Tannisha walked along the long narrow room looking into each of the glass displays on the wall pausing at each display to let her eyes drink in the items on display. She’d never thought of toys and adult accessories as art but this place had opened her mind wider than the horizon. She knew whatever happened between her and Femi she could never go back to her timid, reserved self.  She took a sip of her coffee for the first time as she admired the swooping curves of the clit stimulator. The coffee tasted divine. It seemed to fill her mouth and seduce her taste buds as it glided over her tongue. Maybe it was the place but its flavour and warmth as it trickled down her inside felt sexy, made her feel calm but aroused. The basement was quite and still. The busy hustle and bustle of central London had vanished, only the faint whisper of people upstairs could be heard. The spotlights in the ceiling casting down gentle golden hue into the soft shadows of room. She wrapped both hands around the cup and held it close to her lips. The vapour from the cup swirled up into her nostrils and she inhaled deep and long. She looked at the toy and imagined how it would feel inside her. She imagined its bold curves pressing against her walls, filling her, easing in and out of her tightness as she played with it. She could feel herself getting wet.

‘This place is like my haven and inspiration’ Femi said interrupting Tannisha’s thoughts. ‘I like that toy too. It just looks elegant and refined, considered in its design, ergonomic and anatomically made to give a woman the best orgasm ever’.

Femi walked slowly over to Tannisha. His stride was like a lion ready to attack its prey; slow, measured steps in which he paused but somehow still seemed fluid in motion. She could feel the tension in the air. It was erotic syrup: thick, sticky and sweet and the tongue of her mind could taste it. Her nipples had become taut and hard, she could feel their tense pressure against her bra. Her breath began to become deep and hard with each step Femi took closer to her. His eyes were frosted over with a dark, intense focus. She was scared but aroused by the lust printed in his eyes. He was standing in front of her. The tension was a weighty bassline vibrating the walls of the basement room. The air in the room stood still, watched and ogled them as they stood face-to-face in silence. The fire of lust burned white hot causing the spotlights in the ceiling to dim and fade in humble reverence. Tannisha’s clit was throbbing an African drum beat that the senses in her were dancing to. Her blood stampeded through her veins and she could feel the pounding gallop under her skin. Her pussy wasn’t wet, it was immersed in her dripping stream of desire. She could feel the liquid fingers of her juices gliding down her leg, its warmth forming a line of wanton desire down her inside thigh. Her mind was a tornado of lust, spinning violently and tearing up all roots of logic and rational.

Femi took the coffee from Tannisha and placed it on the small table next to them. He was silent but his demeanour was a thunder storm. He placed his hands on Tannisha’s waist which made her inhale low and soft, she hadn’t realised she was holding her breath. He turned her around to look at the glass display as he stood behind her. Tannisha could feel his hardness press against her ass. She arched her back and pushed back against it instinctively. Femi leaned over her shoulder and whispered in Tannisha’s ear

‘I’d love to use this toy on you. Blindfold you. Tie you up and use it to circle your clit’.
He wrapped his arms around Tannisha and took hold of her right hand and placed it on her front slipping his fingers between hers and pressing between her thighs.
‘I know you’re wet, I can smell your sex, its sweet, delicate aroma’ he whispered.
Tannisha squeezed his fingers as he began to circle her clit through her dress. Her body bucked and shuddered as he caressed her throbbing nib. A loud burst of laugher from upstairs made her jump and gasp. She grabbed Femi’s hand.

‘No. please. I can’t take this.’ Her voice was low and submissive trying not to draw attention to their presence in the basement. They were in public, strangers only feet away, they could be caught any second but she was turned on by the possibility of being caught.
‘shhhhhhh’, we won’t get caught … Or maybe we will, but I don’t give a fuck, I want your pussy.’ Femi said. He’s voice coated with passion and authority made Tannisha close her eye and imagine him inside her.
‘Put your hands up against the wall.’ Femi ordered. ‘Look at the toy and tell me how you’d like to use it’.

Tannisha forced her eyes open and looked at the toy in the glass case. She could see Femi’s reflection in the glass as he began to kiss on her neck. Femi knew that her neck was one of her weak spots and he was playing dirty.
‘Tell me Miss Brown, tell me how you’d pleasure yourself with the toy’.  Femi’s said as he traced a long line up the back of Tannisha’s neck with his tongue. Tingles giggled down her spine, around her waist and deep between her thighs. Tannisha pressed her hands against the wall and dug her nails into the white paint.
‘Tell me!’ ordered Femi as he took a bite of the side of her neck.
Tannisha pushed her ass back onto Femi’s hardness. Her pussy was screaming profanities. It was full and wanting. She could feel her walls twitch and spasm in protest. It wanted to feel him between the wet ruby red walls of its tightness. Tannisha took a deep breath and tried to rein in her focus as she mumbled,

‘I would lay down on my bed, naked, propped up against the bed head with my legs spread wide.’ As she said the words the image flooded her mind and became a white water rapid of hungry passion washing her away. Femi moaned softly in her ear as the image flooded his mind too. He pulled Tannisha closer onto his hardness which sunk between her full round ass cheeks. She braced herself on the wall and pushed back onto him welcoming his stiff urgent want. Femi moaned again and inhaled through his clenched teeth.
‘Go on’ he said as his tongue flicked Tannisha’s ear making her bit her bottom lip….


Coffee, Cake and Kink pt 2 is here

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