Baby … Tonight
I don’t wanna make love
There is no room for sentiment
Sensitivity has been evicted from our bedroom
Tonight …
I wanna fuck you with some much force your neck jerks back and forth each time I slam inside you
Make you reach behind yourself and open your booty cheeks so I can get real deep
Spank you while I fuck you
Tonight I wanna fuck you with angry passion
Fuck you til its a mix of pleasure and pain
Bitter-sweet tingles explode in ur pussy and sparkle up ur spine
Push you down into the bed
Your pussy just makin wet sounds
I wanna fuck you til your moans become a blend of mercy and submission
Fuck so you moan loud and low, fuck you like I own your pussy, with vicious power
I wanna fuck in such a way that each time I push inside you I change angles just a little so my dick slides against the walls
And when I push inside you
I’ll hold myself there
Make you feel me
Tilt my hips and push inside you even more
Tonight I wanna grab your hair and pull on it as I pound hard and fast
I wanna fuck you like I hate you
fuck you like its make up sex
like I wanna hurt dat wet tightness of yours
And as you moan loud
I’ll push faster …
And faster …
And faster …
And faster
Until your orgasm makes you scream and grit your teeth and curse heavenly profanities
Tonight baby
I wanna be unrefined

Written by Eroticnoire
Add the BB: pin:280F671C

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