let me take you out

Let me take you out
Take you to a 5 star place of culinary lyrical delights
The ambient lighting of soft tones lights the room
Slow melodies of soul songs come in the form of relaxed poetic flow
The menu
Starters of bite sized prose, tantalising sonnets and mouthwatering stanzas
The main course will be an offer of healthy portions. Roasted lyrical rhetoric. Grilled metaphors. Lightly toasted similies. You can have dish of spicy word play, a salad of tongue in cheek innuendo. There is also organic pornoetry which can do rare, medium or well done.
Desserts are a sugar coated banter covered with angel dust of wit. There is also slices of velvet sensuality served with ice cool delivery.
And to drink … A variety of intoxicating clit pleasing cocktails. Overproof black rum tongueology and an array of vintage matured woman body knowledge
Let me take you out … Its all on me

copyright Eroticnoire | twitter: @eroticnoire | youtube.com/eroticnoire

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