At night
The full moon turns the oceanic tide of your want
Tilts the axis of your desire
The high tide of your lust rises

During the day
The sunlight of anticipation dances on the surface of your seven sea wetness
I listen to the gentle rush of your tide roll and swish
I am eager to swim inside you
Have your waters wash over me

My fingers whisper over the shoreline of your labia
Wonder the coastline of your folds
Fingerprints sink softly into your wet sands
Your waters ebb and flow over the beach of your entrance
Your nipples are pebble hard

I dive into your soft waves
Submerge myself
Hold me breath dive deep
Swim in the undercurrents of your salty wetness

My tongue searches for your pearl
traces deep sea secrets
Explores the underwater coves of your coral reef
Discover your hidden treasure
I swim to your surface
Washed anew

Wait at your surface
Inhale the fresh air of your scent
Then once again sink deep into you
Our hips sway and swirl like seaweed to your deep water motions
I swim inside you
Touch the ridged walls underwater cove

You sea storm moan
Deep like 10,000 leagues
Surf the tingles of your pleasure
Until you are swept away on the tasunmi of delight
Ride the crest of your orgasm
Lay still
Washed up on the golden sands of bliss

copyright Eroticnoire | twitter: @eroticnoire | youtube.com/eroticnoire

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