Cake (Rihanna)

You are my 3 course meal
My starters
Second helpings
You make me crave
I am addicted
You’re my Class A drugMy only fix is you
I’m your slave
I don’t want to be emancipated
Take me high
You touch me
Eyes roll backwards
I’m a nymphomaniac
‘Hello, my name is slave, and you are my controller’
I’m whipped
Lead me into temptation
Yet you’re my salvation
Lord please forgive me
Let me use my fingers
Feel your delicate sweetness melt in my mouth
Swallow you
feel you crumble in mouth
Savour your sweet, sticky mess
Touch you in soft places
Soft sink into you
You are
Your essence lingers on my finger tips
Fingers gravitate towards lips that want to suck off your flavour
Your make me lick my lips
I want you even when I’m indulging in you
Oh shit!!
My taste buds just had an orgasm
Tingle with your bliss
Spasm with delight
A carnival of pleasure parades across my tongue
I want every piece of you
Fill me up with your goodness
Make me say your name
Command me
Lay down and let me consume you
Your are mine
I am yours
Crumble in my mouth
Stumble over my tongue
Roll down my chin
I will not waste not one drop of you
I have no shame
Cause me to become intoxicated
Drunk off the oral pleasure of you let me indulge in
Give me you
Let me nibble on you
Moan your name
Forget my own
Create sugar fire inside me
I want to take small spoons of you
Take bite size pieces of you
Cause me to close my eye
Make them roll backwards
Linger on my top lip
Echo on my mouth
I worship you
My tongue is my offering
Reside on the alter of the tip of it
Your dark red velvet silk sensation
Butterflies inside me
You got me wanting you in my sleep
You can lead the devil into temptation
Make angels want to ascend to the heaven you take me too

I want your cake …

copyright Eroticnoire | twitter: @eroticnoire | BB: 2934C9C2 |

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