The story – The Diary Of Us: a little snippet

…As I hook my finger under the seam of your knickers you feel the material soaked in your wetness, the soft voice of the room’s cool air cup your swollen mound. I leisurely walk my fingers along the seam, my knuckles grazing your folds. I pull them to the side and press my tongue flat against your wetness, little-by-little sliding up from the base up between your lips increasing pressure as I ascend. Glide along your silk smooth rose petals. Nuzzle my nose into your folds and inhale; the rounded tip of my nose opening up your folds.

Jagged electric currents crackle between your thighs. I softly suck on your clit, gently using my lips to pull on it until your mind becomes filled with thunderstorm clouds. Lightening flashes of delights snap and crack across the sky of your foggy thoughts. You feel the fire of pending orgasm sizzle its way through your body, warm inside your thighs and melt a liquid path down your legs and pool in your toes making them curl and tighten.

“oh, shit! Right there baby, don’t stop” you pant through your heavy breathing. I pause keeping my mouth still over your clit. Your body relaxes, as you regrain composure from the swirling pleasures my mouth was giving.

I stand up; your sticky wetness smeared across my mouth and coating my chin in a shiny gloss of your essence. We begin to kiss. The sweet-salty taste swims between our tongues as we dive into a passionate oral dance. My fingers drift over your breasts, orbiting your areola. Fingertips tease your erect nipples that are stiff and taut with a hungry yearning to be touched. My hands slip down to the hem of your skirt and pull it up around your waist. Still kissing I tuck my thumbs under the waist of your knickers and pull them down over your full womanly hips. Your hands join mine and begin pull them down further with hurried impatience as you wiggle and they tumble down your legs and drape around your ankles. You lean onto your left leg and pull your right foot out your knickers. I glide my hand between your thighs; I now have unobstructed access to your wetness. I use the back of my hands and stroke the inside of your warm thighs; up one side, down on the other.

I’m in no hurry and want to take in all of your body, which is humming with anticipation and excitement.

“Fuck me baby” you snarl as I continue to play between your thighs. My slippery fingers glided between you labia and slide low to the base of your lips. A faint moan bubbles up in your stomach and stumbles out your open mouth.

“Do you want this dick?”

I ask as your moan reverberates of the walls.

“Yes baby” you reply as you widen your stance with anticipation. I undo my belt, my trouser button and then stop.

“Take it out” I say, my voice soft and low.

Your hands frantically fumble and clamber to my waist to undo my zip and release my hardness. You dip your hands down into my boxers and take hold of me and gentle squeeze my firmness. Your energetic fingers pop out from my shorts and tug at my waistband and yank them down over my bottom and down to the top of my thighs. My hardness springs and bounces pointing upwards to my stomach as you do so.

Pre-cum coats the head of my dick and you use your thumb to smooth it over my pulsing tip. It makes me jerk as the tingle shots through my body making me growl with pleasure. You bite your bottom lip and smile, pleased at the pleasure you can give me with a simple stroke of your thumb.

I reach round to you ass, cup and squeeze it as I slide my hand down the back of your right leg and left it, wrapping it around my waist. The silence in the air is smothered in the heavy weight of your breathing. I take hold of the base of my hardness. Rest the rounded end on your clit and shake it quick and fast. You buck at the sensation of my head against your clit. I press it against your entrance and let it rest there. You tilt your hips forward to meet its pressure and I pull away. You let out a groan of frustration and wrap your leg tighter around my back and again try to pull me into you.

“No, not until I say you can have this dick” I whisper to you.

I start to lightly slide my head up and down between your lips, applying pressure as I glide over your entrance. Each stroke I feel you get wetter and wetter, with each stroke I apply more pressure as I hover over your entrance. You involuntarily twitch and grip the tip each time it passes. I can’t help but moan as I feel your wetness coat the tip of my hardness.

I slowly press myself into your wetness causing your eyes to roll backwards as you drink in the pleasure of the first time I slide inside so just my tip is inside you. I slide out slowly and slide back in again just a little more. You let out a moan as I repeat this sweet delectable bliss until are stomachs are touching. Then I slide back out pulling your wetness with me and rub my tip on the stiff nub of your clit….

Diary Of Us – snippet pt2 is here

copyright Mr Eroticnoire | twitter: @eroticnoire |

7 thoughts on “The story – The Diary Of Us: a little snippet

  1. Mmmmm…yes! My favorite parts: “Do you want this dick?”, “Take it out”, “No, not until I say you can have this dick”. Make her beg for it. Each 9.0 on my cum-o-meter! Great job!

  2. good storyline, but using Names and not personal pronouns ll spice things up to make it look like u re addresing an active and more larger audience instead of ur gf.

  3. I love this! The build up is at a really good pace and it makes me feel as if I’m there. I’m all quivering and thinking why don’t he just hurry up and put it in already!

    Meg x

  4. Hmmm I love the play on words…the way it is described in unusual… ways things u wud least expect…I love it…its so hot…makes me put myself in the story wanting 2 be on di reciving end of dat pleasure cause it feels so real….damn I already sweating n wett x_x

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