Burnt by desire

This is a poetic collaboration between myself and Queeninthemaking. We’ve often helped each other by setting ‘homework’ for each other. This piece is a creative call and response started by Queeninthemaking. It’s a little experiment and poetic banter. Her parts are normal font, mine are in italic. Hope you like

Burnt by desire

I am blindfolded. Sitting on the edge of anticipation, hands tied. A faint breeze caresses my naked back. You move… a sliver of delicious desire shivers through me. I hear the deep moan of a saxophone; feel each note wrap itself around me. I feel you move… taste your desire on the tip of my tongue. I lick my lips slowly. You trail one finger across my jaw electricity pulses through me I feel my nipples tighten, begging to be touched. You push me down on the bed pressing your body against mine and I’m lost… lost in a sea of desire. Burning with want and need. You bite that spot on my neck and I arch into you muscle against muscle skin against skin… you moan my name each letter taking your lower…my breathing stops. I squirm unable to control my body. You hold me still… hands on my thighs you push them apart…

I stand in front of you. drinking you in through my eyes. they are thirsty for your beauty, in need on the hydration of your vision. You make me moan jazz notes, Miles Davis melodies. My desire is syrup; thick, sticky, sweet. When we touch megawatts electricity of desire sparks and crackles in the air. I can hear your nipples become hard, I see them speak their longing for warm mouth & soft finger attention. Passion moves me. We lay down and press skin against skin, cause oxygen to suffocate from the lack of air between us. My hands become filled with the strength of lust, bold with desire separates your thighs …

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