late night love pt2

… My hand slides on to your hips
Cups their full curvature
Hungry mouth releases you curious tongue that glides across ur neck
Street lights stand tall
Crane their neck to look through our window
Golden orange light unfolds itself through our window gives away their voyeuristic vice
Their perversion is our encouragement; our bed is a stage
They have front row seats for our midnight performance.
The pupils of the lights dilate
Take in the vision of us as my fingers walk up your stomach to your breasts.
Cup they weighty handful size

I moan at the feel of them
They mould to my hands
Fill my gentle grip
They are ripe fruits I caress
Squeeze gently them til you release the Juice of moans
Eyes still closed
bite your bottom lip
Your nipples whisper
My finger tips listen with tentative circle motions.
Orbit the black milky way of your areola
Their conversation is a silent dialogue
Nipples become hard like quantum physics
This is science
Firm thumb, gentle finger enclose your nipple
Rest on the tip and trace circles
Your waistline mirrors motions of my finger
Puppet master finger tips with no strings attached to your bones control your hip motion
“Move for me”
I whisper in your ears
Breath warm
Candy floss soft taste sweet to your audio channels
My want commands my hands
Dictates their movement down across the toned terrain of your stomach
Your hand joins mine on its journey downwards
Fingers interlock they travel south
Their destination the valley of your thighs
Your wetness awaits their arrival
warms with anticipation
Decorates your entrance with smooth-silk waters
The thirst of my fingers are evident in the staggered patterns of my breathing
The way they glide across your skin
My fingers yearn for the soil of your plantation, for the waters your silent rain
The arrive at the shore of your mound
Fingers take in the silence of your wet welcome
Slip gently
Immerse themselves in your ocean
Swim on the surface
Skim the waves of your vulva
rolls and swirls
Then sink into the endless depth of your wetness
Ask the Lord to forgive me
I am baptised and born again
Call me Moses for I entered the promised land
Inhale sharp through clenched teeth
As you open mouth inhale deep and long
I can’t help but frown
Struggle to comprehend your fluid heaven
Your wetness is mega decibels loud
I can not hear, feel, see anything else
Washed away in the still water tidal wave
Fingers swim
Sink deep
Make their way back to the surface
Slide out
Coated in silk-gloss-shine
Wet with amazement
The familiar pleasure is always new
Always leaves me bewildered
Is your wetness real?
I need proof
Taste fingers
The sweet-salty flavour confirms your wetness existence
I need a witness
Place fingers in your mouth
Your warm mouth
Takes in my digits
Sucks with gentle slow motions
Street lights cover their eyes
Embarrassed of their wanting to want our pleasure
The bedside lamp’s mouth falls to the floor
Heavy with astonished-envy
You take my fingers
Guide them back towards your wet ocean waters
Is all you say
My hand obeys and allows your hand to lead it back southbound between your thighs …

link to part 1 is here

copyright Mr Erotic Noire | twitter: @eroticnoire | BB pin: 280f671c |

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