she is …

An ‘old friend’ set me some homework to write a poem. The words were: Salsa & honey, the topic: Stimulus

I came up with this …

She Is…

She said she wanted me to write her a poem, a poem for her, about her, a poem that would be a stimulus.
But how, how do I write a poem that is sweet, that is sugar-chocolate-coco-nectar-syrup. For that’s how sweet she tastes to my eyes. She is red velvet cake, rich, delicate decadence with a frosted coating of african beauty. She is honey.
Nature’s goodness, pure, golden and I want to taste her. My tongue a diligent bee working to produce her sticky sweetness. I want to float and hover across her flower, nestle in between her soft rose petals and taste her. Have the pollen of her bloom coat on my lips, soft and light as morning dew. I want to have her essence reside on the roof of my mouth, sticky. I do not need the pollen from another flower. My want is to make her rose bud bloom, flower, grow from the pleasure my tongue gives. she evokes movement, a dance. A waltz of elegance motion. A tango, passionate, raw, romantic. She is a ballet, classic, elegant, refined … No, she is salsa. Flamboyant, veracious, colourful. She is a Queen in the making

copyright Mr Erotic Noire | twitter: @eroticnoire | BB: 2934C9C2 |

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