Goin down on her 101 – pt1

Hello all Dr Eroticnoire here to give you my 101 on going down on a woman.

After my squirting 101 I felt it only right I cover the topic of going down on a womab. So why oral I hear some men (and women) say? Well, here’s a one two reasons. Over 75% of woman can only orgasm via clitoral stimulation. Another point is that clitoral orgasms are deeper, more intense and offer a more all over body pleasure than virginal ones.

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Move over I have to say that I feel it’s a God given right. I say this with all seriousness and purpose. The clit is the only organ, in both men and women, that is solely dedicated to sexual pleasure and has or serves no other purpose. Whether you’re religious or not I believe that the man upstairs wouldn’t have given women this ‘gift’ if he didn’t want her to have it appreciated and used. Hence, it’s every woman’s God given right to receive not just any old oral but GOOD oral – sisters can I get an Amen?! Second point before we start is a little biology for you to know and bare in mind (this is aimed at the men mainly) the clit has 8,000 nerve-endings in it – that’s 8,000 sensory reciprocals in an area the size of a pea. Let’s take a minute to take this one in (feel free to repeat it if you feel the need … 8,000 nerve-endings) Therefore, its easy to appreciate why its a source of so much pleasure.

Right! Intro done, let’s get the lesson pt1 started. Giving good oral isn’t as you see on porno films; you just don’t open her licks and vigorously flick your tongue on her clit – no … No … NO!! There are techniques that can be used that will offer her a myriad of sensations all of which lead to one ultimate outcome, a good orgasm.

I’ve listed the first part of my list of Mr E’s techniques.

1. The long lick: this technique is basic one but done correctly can be highly effective. With mouth relaxed but open press your tongue flat at the base/lower end of the woman’s vulva (similar to licking an ice-cream or lollies) slowly slide your tongue upwards between her lips – the aim is to move as slow as possible. As you slide upwards feel her lips part, wrap around and then meet again as your tongue slides upwards. As you move close to her entrance the nature urge (and motion) will be to let your tongue slide inside her – don’t. Her body will be expecting this, don’t give her, make her want, beg, yearn for it. If it helps apply less pressure as you slide your tongue over her entrance. This can actually be a good thing as the lighter upward stroke will tease her. Continue to slide your tongue upwards towards her clit and as you reach it pause, don’t lick it. Again her body will want & expect you to lick it so don’t give her. Start the process again. This technique can be done as a prelude, a ‘cool down’ and a interlink between the other techniques.

2. The suck (variations): many have the belief that all it takes is to clap your lips over her clit suck for Queen and country. Remember the biology of the clit, 8,000 nerve-endings – that’s a lot of sensation in a small focused spot. Therefore when sucking on a woman’s clit it needs to be done with care and consideration. Using the pads of the thumbs gently fold back the folds of skin covering the clit. This obviously exposes the clit and allows you mouth to cover it directly. When sucking the clit close lips around the area of the clit and suck softly, lightly. A trick when is to try flick or wiggle your tongue on the top of the clit. This will give a double sensation of stimulation and thus pleasure. Further add-ons to sucking is to rotate your head as you suck. This will gently pull on and extend the clit and move it in a circular motion. You must take care to 1. Not move too much, slight and subtle motions. 2. You don’t suck too hard – 8,000 nerve-endings. One final tip is to vary the pace and pattern of sucking ie sucking fast (but still softly) or sucking in a rhythmic pattern.

3. Writing: It’s as easy as ABC with this technique. Here you trace letter shapes or words with the tip of your tong on either the woman’s clit or over her vulva (lips). If you really want to stamp your mark you can you write your name. Personally, I like to write a poem 😉
The motion doesn’t have to be english language shapes. If you’re bilingual you can use characters from other languages ie Chinese or Arabic.

4. The lullaby: With this little beauty of a techique you try to emulate the trusty rabbit or bullet and make your lips vibrate on her clit. Here you make your lips form the shape as if you were sucking on a straw. Gently place over her clit and hum her favourite song. It can be a slow song, hip hop, dancehall, drum n bass or even classical. The aim is to create a rhythmic beat/melody while your lips rest on her clit.

5. Head rotation & motion: I touched on this already; so not much to add. Here you can move your head in various motions, circles, side-to-side (like you’re saying No) or the nodding motion. The pace and intensity of the motion can vary. However, rule number 1 applies (8,000 nerve-endings) so be gently and considered in your motion. This technique is great for combining with other techniques eg lullaby

6. Nose nuzzle: this one isn’t every one’s cup of tea (giver and receiver) but I find it adds a different and new sensation to the catalogue of tricks. It’s as described where you nuzzle your nose up and down between her lips. It doesn’t sound like anything special but can work wonders if she’s hyper sensitive. If your tongue is long enough you can nuzzle and lick at the same time.

7. French kiss: I would hope this is self explanatory. However, for the sake of not making assumptions I’ll explain. French kissing (or as I like to some times call it – the Australian kiss – work it out for yourself ) is where you kiss her vulva and entrance as if you were kissing her mouth. Kiss her vulva with that same gentle passion, the loving, soft pout of your lips. Use your tongue and slide it inside her as if it were her mouth. Explore, caress, stroke her walls as if it were her mouth. Playfully suck and pull on her lips as if they were the lips on her mouth, suck on each one. Twist and turn your head as you kiss her down there. Be slow, delicate, focused and considered in how you use your mouth and tongue. Kissing is an art form and being able to do it good, down below, is an even great art.

This concludes part1…
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here is the link to pt2 – click here

Mr E

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3 thoughts on “Goin down on her 101 – pt1

  1. Well written ! Thank you for institing on going softly and gently. Because some men goes way to strong with it and it HURTS instead of giving pleasure.

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