tell me …

I love it when you tell me to fuck you
The way you look at me with eyes full of volcano fire passion.
How they have that intoxicated blurry-eye focus to them
The way they contain demanding disbelief of pleasure. How I can look into your soul’s windows and see the beast that is dormant at all other times except now
I wonder at the facial contorted gymnastics you convey in your expressions
How your mouth forms the perfect ‘O’ shape and silent sounds float into the air

I love it when you tell me to fuck you deeper
When you’re on all fours, booty elevated, face on the bed. How you reach behind yourself, open your booty cheeks wide as if they were open arms and welcome my thrust. How u take it all in. How you moan that pleasure filled pain sound as my hardness pushes against the roof of your sex. How you flinch, jerk forwards and recoil from the impact. Bite the bedsheets as if they had done you wrong and scream into the ears of the pillow

I love when you tell me to fuck you harder
How you push back on me with timed anger. Whine so that you can feel me wet slide against your tight, pulsing walls. Feel the liquid friction of in-out motion
Prop yourself up on your elbows so you can get leverage to brace against my motion. How you grit your teeth and your voice is laden with vexed authoritative dictation. Vocal cords strangled by intense need for audible expression

I love when you tell me to fuck you faster
How your dialogue is confined to expletives and vowel sounds punctuated by moans. How your breathing matches your urgent tempo and pleasure. The way you say it with dominating submission ‘faster .. Faster … Faster’. The way you repeat it in that begging selfish demanding way. encase it with affectionate sentiments.

I love when you tell me to fuck you non-stop
The way you say it with a non-sympathetic regard for my limits or abilities. How you become selfish. Consuming all my giving. All my deeper, harder, faster, non-stop waistline motion. The way you inform me of your approaching arrival to the place of release, repeat it, announce it loud so neighbours can hear. The way you instruct, demand, beg, plead for me to continue carrying you to your destination of release.

And then as you release and become tense, rigid, static and then melt and whisper in between shallow breathes “oh fuck”

I love it when you tell me to fuck you

copyright Mr Erotic Noire | twitter: @eroticnoire | BB: 2934C9C2 |

14 thoughts on “tell me …

    • Thank you for your comment, glad my poems can ‘touch’ you. I’m curious about why you’re intrigued 🙂
      I shall certainly keep in touch. I like your blog; it’s like the bible of spiritual sex.

      • Well thank you I do appreciate your comment. The reason why I’m intrigued by you is the why you write. I can tell you’re a very passionate person who’s comfortable and confident in yourself. But, what gets me is I feel you that you’re looking for something. Idk in your writing it seems like you’re trying to attract a special someone. Like you’re so good at pleasing others, but yet you don’t have one to yourself…

      • Interesting … Well, I’d like to think I got out my way to please and pleasure a woman. Pardon the pun but she comes first. As for the ‘why’ I write; it’s simple. I am, enjoy, and consider myself to be a sexual, creative and open minded person. Writing erotic poems is an expression and representation of that aspect of me.

      • Well I find you extremely fascinating….I don’t know what it is about you that’s so captivating to me. I sense you’re sweet, deep, passionate, but you have dark side….. I apologize for being so invasive and really forward with my thinking. Its just sometimes I can’t help, but express my curiosity.

      • No apology needed. I think its always good to have people tell you what they think/see in you; often it doesn’t match how we believe people see use. As for the ‘sweet, deep, passionate, but have a dark side’ – interesting. I’m curious as to how you get that from my poems/blog, always thought they where ‘just words’.

  1. Well.. they are just words when they are on paper. But, when you say them out loud or have someone speak those words to you; they actually transmit a physiological response to your body on the basis of what those words mean to you. And I think they mean something to you because you neither confirm nor deny my thoughts about you.

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