late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room
The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by our bed
Moonlight silently cascades through our window
All is tranquil
Wrapped in sleeping spoon shapes
Human origami
We fold into each other
My chest against your back
Knees folded onto the hollow of yours
you stir
press your back against me
Crumbled sheets
A sea of white linen waves
Skin soft flint sparks the midnight flame of half awake passion
Body to body contact generates heat
Heat ignites lustful want
I kiss the back of your neck softly
The place where your hair line meets the pinnacle of your spine
You inhale and arch your back
Reflex action caused me to push my groin into you
You reach behind
Slender fingers whisper to my skin
Hands stretch open
Come to rest on the outside of my thigh grasp me with gentle firmness
Pull me into you
My fingers snake over your hips and coil across your stomach
I kiss you once more
Place my open mouth on you
Suck on neck
Mouth moves down between your shoulder blades
I feel my longing for you move in me
Its focus becomes blinkered on the goal of you
Silence of the night becomes coated with the music of deep breathes
The tempo to which our waistlines surrender to
I hear you
The summer breeze soft moan
Floats from your mouth
It resonates in you
Echoes in the hollow in the small of your spine
Reverberates in the walls of your skeletal frame
It swirls with the candyfloss chocolate melted humidity of skin to skin proximity
My teeth gentle press into the flexed muscle if your shoulder
The moon blinks
Mesmorised by how our bedroom lunar effect moves oceans
Causes the axis of plants to cock and tilt the head of their gravity in amazement
Atmosphere of their mouths falls open
My heart beats loud in my chest
Thuds and thumps against my ribs
Blood gallops through my veins
A charging stampede 10,000 horses of lust
I am firm
Press it against the full roundness of your behind
It yields
Supple flesh
envelopes me
Your fingers find mine
Inter lock
Squeeze and form a fist of acknowledgement
The thunderstorm my moan rumbles in the roof of my mouth
Rain clouds of the pending downpour roll across sky of our room
The forecast is tropical hurricane of whirlwind pleasures …
link to part 2 is here

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