You crawl onto the bed

Wearing nothing but desire

Look at me

Silent mouth

Vocal eyes

Place your head on the pillow

Hips still reaching for the ceiling

I stand up

And I stand up

Walk towards you

Pause to marvel

Look at your form

The narrowing of your waist

Tapers down

Gently curves and widens to form your hips

The dimples in the arch of your back

Sculptured symmetry of your cheeks

How they seem wider than normal

The sloping dip in your back

Its tort tension as it dips


Tilts towards the bed

Your booty raised high


Wide curvature

Coco-silk full moon mystery

An offering to be taken


A deity

I worship thee



Sweet fullness of your mound protrudes from between your cheeks

Visual heaven

Heaven’s vision

My hardness

Is your universe

Your planet Venus



Travels in slow motion movement

The gravitational pull of your wetness pulls me


Outer space time travel

I thrust

Your back arches

Raises high to meet my forward motion


Tilt your spin downwards

Take me in

Repeat your motion



Ripples travel from the epicentre of our collision

Rumble through the fullness of your cheeks

Tremor up into your spin

Around your waist

I am transfixed as soft flesh yields yet has forceful resolution

Waist gyrates

I grit my teeth as g-force of your slow motion pulls me into a spin



Intoxicated by the alcoholic volume of your whine

It is vintage

I drink it in

Push meets push

Force against force

A sweet war of pleasure vs lust

Your motion conquers me

I release the white flag of my surrender …

Posted by eroticnoire


  1. A very lurid and passionate dedication to sexuality here, I like it! This one is my favorite of what I’ve read thusfar.

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