Miss Mango (the BBM convo)

A civilized BBM conversation that suddenly went into a different world …

Names have been changed to protect the innocent – 😉

Mr E – @eroticnoire: I wanna hear u cum too baby. Wanna hear ur breath become short and rugged. Hear ur moans rumble and ur voice raise several octaves

Miss Mango: Yes Yes Yes

Miss Mango: Hands grippin my thighs

Miss Mango: I feel like a burst pipe is impending

Miss Mango: Buildin up behind sweet walls of mango fleshMr E – @eroticnoire: Dats right bbe. Feel the walls of ur pussy twitch and get tight. Feel ur stomach muscles clench up. Feel the warm heat build from deep inside u and melt down ur legs and up ur spine. Feel ur clit tingle and sparkle with pleasure … Feel it as my tongue slow dances across ur clit. Sinks deep into ur wetness. Feel ur lips part and curve themselves around my tongue as I flick it in and out.

Miss Mango: Lard a merciiiii dats the spot right there

Miss Mango: Bearing down I have no alternative but to break free … Opening up further back. I submit

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Dats right bbe. Submit to the soft, slow swirls of my tongue circling the entrance to your centre. Feel the delicate movement of roll over the rose petals of ur lips. Feel the rose bud of ur clit blossom, bloom. Feel me rub the tip of my nose against it. Listen as I inhale ur scent. Lick my lips then french kiss you pussy with slow-urgent-passion

Miss Mango: Gush

Miss Mango: I fear my own tremble

Miss Mango: Swollen n throbbing I cum again

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Don’t fear bbe. Embrace it.

Miss Mango:  U sir hold no bars

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Cum bbe. Come on my tongue. Squirt on my face. Release ur juices on me.

Miss Mango: Ur concentration is exceptional

Miss Mango: Oh hell yeah loool goggles ready

Miss Mango: My pussy likes u … U shall have n receive the pleasure

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Open ur legs wide so I can tongue fuck u deep. Twist and turn my head as my dip my tongue in … out … in … out … in … out … Then lick from the base of up between ur lips. Slowly. Unhurried. Feel ur lips fold and mould around my tongue as it slides up between them. Feel it glide. Slip. Float upwards towards the mound of skin coverin ur clit. Feel it tingle with anticipation. Feel ur pussy wet scream for more. Put ur hands on my head bbe and rotate your hips. Gyrate. Tilt ur pelvis. Rick back and forth as my warm mouth and soft lips cup ur clit and lightly suck …

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Cum for me bbe … Cum hard. Release the tension knot in ur pussy. Let my tongue unravel it.

Miss Mango:  Arrrrh I let out a yelp or ecstasy n acceleration I am no longer in control. U r the master of this journey. Wettaz is my name.  I wanna lean back n scream out ur name

Miss Mango: U know am playin two finger stroke

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Yh bbe. Use ur fingers while I suck on u. Pull back the soft skin covering ur clit so it pushes out and is fully exposed for my to lick and suck.

Miss Mango: Mmmmmmm

Miss Mango: U wearing me out

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Open up ur pussy so my tongue can slide across ur entrance. Swirl around the wet centre. So I can press just the tip of my tongue into u and flick quick as I hum ur a pussy lullaby. Feel the vibrations tingle over and down the side of ur pussy. Down between ur butt cheeks, round the fullness of ur booty and up ur spine. Feel it as my melody makes ur clit sing. Makes ur nipples harmonise. Feel it bbe as ur stomach clinches. Tight, tort, constrictions make ur curl up and fold in half as ur body submits to my tongues power

Miss Mango: Mmmmmm pussy lullaby … U charm u entice u hypnotise

Miss Mango: I clench n release. More fluids More hydration

Miss Mango: Many rivers to cross

Mr E – @eroticnoire: Hydrate me bbe. Flood my mouth. Wash me away in the tidal wave of ur pleasure. Then let my tongue wash up and lap on the shore of ur convulsions. Ebb and flow gentle as ocean of release washes over you…
Mr Erotic Noire’s BB: 2934C9C2

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