Lyrical battle round 3: unofficial post: just so you know …

Ok, so admittedly i took longer than I should have to reply to that dudes poems. however, a night job and day hustle can make you kindda tired. Nonetheless, I offer … as usual an official and unofficial post. Enjoy will I go off to hustle…


Just so you know ….


This lyrical battle is like a circle


I got lyrics that can make a nun touch another nun’s breasts

And as for my words

Deaf people hear them

My poems are Braille people feel them

See images within their mind

Poetic brilliance that shine

Makes tropical sun look like its not trying

Turn women into my poetic-addicts

Inhale my words through their eyes is how they get their fix

It’s not magic but I can do tricks

No acting

No stun doubles

My tongue won an Oscar for its action flicks


Bang out poems like it’s a lyrical orgy

69 images

Give backshots to minds

Have 3sums with metaphors, similes and stanzas

Don’t stop until I make women squirt poetic orgasms

Graphically graphic poems

Make women cum in body and mind

Mr Erotic Noire is medicine for women’s erotic pains

Without my dosage

They’d most certainly go insane

So call me the Erotic Doctor

Better yet call me the pumpum pharmacist

Administer poetic drugs

For women’s frustrated aliments

Some poets say they can freestyle

I free styles

Got haikus, limericks, rhetorical dialogue, prose

My words suck on the clit of women’s minds

Make them curl their toes

Poetical rampant rabbit

My words are her best friend

Turns on the vibration of my lyrics

And she knows she’ll cum again

And again

And again and

Again ….


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