Lyrical Battle round 3: Motherland



This place is not for us

The climate of its emotions are grey

Its weather of satisfaction is cold

Harsh rains of discontent or far to frequent

So come baby

Lemme take you to the motherland

Grab your passport of African Queen identity

Welcome aboard flight EN-69

You’ll be travelling first class

Relax and enjoy in-flight foreplay entertainment

You shall be served generous helps of


Playful seduction

And carefully selected strokes

Sip on a chilled glass of our finest rhetoric

Layback in seats of hand crafted consideration

Come with you baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Set off to a land where sunshine kisses warm your skin

The soft breeze of seductive whispers offer refreshing winds to your neck

Where mango sweet kisses replenish your lips

Leave sweetness glazed on your tongue

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Explore the body of your continent

Have my tongue travel the wonders terrain of your curves

Discover your natural treasures

The minerals of your pleasures

Have my curious fingers

Walk over the mountains of your breasts

The tropical warmth of my mouth over the nipple peaks of them

Offer them rains of tongue swirls

Until the black pearls of your nipples shine hard and proud

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Where I trace down into the valley of your titties

Over the flat land of your stomach

Down towards the valley of your thighs

Where my tongue will

Make your juices running down your leg like the river Nile

Write history between your legs

Build pyramid wonders of tongue architect

Give your pussy its independence from the empire of dry pussy governance

Liberate it

Set it free

Break the shackles of past histories

Make ancestors praise the legacy my tongue will leave inside pages of your thighs

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Cause tropical rains of your juice to rain down on my tongue

Wet warmth

Humid moans fill your lungs

Suck on the diamond of your clit

It is precious

Lick it so it shines bright

Slide my tongue inside the walls of your tradition

Taste the seasoning of your pussy

Have it nourish me

Cover the form of your lips with traditional material kisses

Colourful patterns of embroidered tongue designs

Adorned your pussy

For she is a regal empress


I shall bow down to her majesty

This place is not for us

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland …

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