Lyrical battle round 1, first strike – tongue religion

So … some random unknown dude fancies his luck and wants to challenge me to a erotic lyrical battle. His name: Mr Oh Yes … he’s on twitter @mrohyes and here on wordpress: I have to say that I actually had a good old chuckle at the concept and idea when he laid down his ‘challenge’ as it was highly amusing. He thinks I’m a rookie and I have no skills or experience in erotic writing. Me!! Mr Erotic Noire, no skills …. that’s like saying fish can’t swim. So eager was he that he threw the first lyrical blow. Little does he know that I’m a master of poetic kung fu and I’m about to unleash a combo attack on him. Here is my first strike…

Tongue Religion

I don’t go down on you


I use my tongue to make you levitate

Align your shakas

My tongue works are spiritual

You will worship my tongue

Like it’s some new religion

And each night you’ll baptise

My tongue in your waters

Moan the name of



Holy Ghost

My tongue will be your saviour

Call out my name

I am the alpha


Make you cum in the beginning

Make you cum in the end

It is the truth

The way

And the light

Your pussy is my alter

And I shall worship

I am your high priest of pussy pleasure-ism

Give you tongue swirl sermons

Testimonies of slide deep inside you blessings

The slow long licks of my tongue

Will cause gospel choirs vocals

To erupt from between your thighs

Tambourine tingles

Catch the spirit

Dance on the tip of my tongue

Praise it

Scream hallelujah


Be sanctified in your juices

Let me slow slurp them up

So that the become

Your tithe and offerings

I shall write scriptures on your clit

My twelve disciples

Will be

Lick, Suck, Pull, Swirl, Slide, Slurp, Fuck, Tease, Kiss, Flick, Toys & fingers

The will know my tongue teachings

Share their knowledge & faith with your clit

Tease you for 40 days and 40 nights

Set the frustrations of your pussy free

I shall part your legs like the red sea

Enter your promised land

Whisper Solomon poems to your entrance

Words wisdom

You will know my tongue

As your savior

Glorify my name

With orgasms

Testify with moans

Sing of my glorious wonders

Proclaim it to thy neighbours

And as you transcend to the heaven of squirting

You solo will know that there is only one heaven

And it is on the tip of my tongue

You shall pray that I will be with your forever and ever


second strike is here:

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