Squirting 101 – part 2

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Ok … So some of y’all have come back asking what happens if you haven’t got a partner/you want to practice on your own first.  Fear not, Professor Erotic Noire is at hand (pardon the pun).

Firstly, and forgive me for stating the obvious to you ladies, but solo hand jobs can offer two initial problems. Nails and angles. For those of you ladies that like your long names performing the technique described in my previous lesson may prove ….. a tad uncomfortable shall we say. The other issue is getting your hand into the right angle to be able to touch your gspot. This is where my tag team partner comes into play …. toys!! Now before you run off and grab the ever popular rabbit take note. The rabbit isn’t the best toy to touch you gspot. You’ll need a dedicated gspot stimulator toy for this trick. These little underrated and under appreciated bad boys come in all shapes and sizes. My top two are pictured below. I call the first one ‘Question Mark’ not only because of its shape but also because it’ll leave your body asking WTF was that?!!! Its so good I had one ‘stolen’ from me (that’s another blog in itself). The other bad boy is a smaller, more slender offering called the Finger Gspot. So what’s the difference you ask? Simple ‘Vibration focus’. Question mark has a wider, deeper vibration and is easier to hold. It’s larger tip gives a sensation that covers a wider/larger area on and around your gspot. It also has more speed and pulsation variations. The slender curved Finger Gspot has a more focused and faster vibration rate (depending on the spec). Its vibration hits a specific spot of your spot (if that makes sense). As a result you’ll have to really know where you gspot is and how to control this toy. Some may find the finger to intense and thus uncomfortable and its slender shape harder to control.

So down to the business of technique…

With either toy the best position is to have you knees folded up into your chest slighting. I’m not talking any fancy yoga position or contortionist flexibility – just legs apart and your body curled up slightly. I feel I have to explain why this position is probably the best of any for of gspot stimulation. The reason is that the vaginal track, when in this positioned, become shorted and more condensed, thus everything becomes compacted – including your nerve ends and sensitive spots. So when you slide the toy inside already the sensation/pleasure spots will be closer together. This compacted area includes you gspot which ‘moves’ to an angle that is easier to find and stimulate. As with the previous blog the trick is to use slow, steady, small circular motions on your gspot. While doing this you can also use your other hand to stimulate you clit. The combined stimulation will create a similar sensation and orgasm to the one described in my previous blog. Again, remember, as you build up to orgasm try to keep the toys motion steady and slow. I know this is easier said than done but try. I’d also go as far as to suggest (for those that can handle the intensity) to keep the toy inside during and after orgasm. Another benefit to the using these toys is that if you do have a partner to hand they can provide oral please at the same time – how great is that?!? But I digress, the focus is solo pleasure.

When it comes to gspot toys I do sincerely think they are underrated and under utilised. These bad boys can give orgasms that are different from the infamous rabbit and if you get the right one are more portable 😉 My case in point is this magnificent piece of gspot stimulation engineering. It looks aren’t the greatest but trust me this baby, if used right, can make silent scream (for those that have experienced this, you know what i mean). What this magic wand does is provide two way stimulation. Due to its shape it curls up inside the woman and hits are gpost (the lower part of the toy in the image below) while the upper part goes to work on the clit (the rigged part) So it’s two for the price of one stimulation. The great thing about this particular toy is that get your body positioning right and you can use it ‘hands free’ and just rock back and forth. A good position would be to be on your knees with a pillow between your thighs to help hold the toy in place.  However, nothing beats the good old on your back/sitting on the edge of the sofa legs akimbo 😉

here are a small selection of toys that I’d recommend you try out if you want to go solo. The prices range from £15 – £50. If you have any question Professor Noire will be happy to answer them via email. Please note that smaller, pocket sized gspot stimulators may prove difficult to hold and position so I’d personally recommend a middle to larger size toy for easier control.

Class is dismissed …

Professor Noire

Please drop me a line let me know how you get along.
instagram: mr_eroticnoire__
twitter: @eroticnoire
whatsapp: +44 07931 054 900

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