flashback to that time…

Ride my poetic tongue, move on it, slow grind on words. Feel it wet slide inside you. Close your eyes and sink deep as my lyrical tongue floats across your wet lips. Smile as you feel the warmth of your poetic climax begin. I feel it too. But I want to prolong this pleasure. I Pause. Still. Motionless, my eloquent tongue lays inside you. The rose bud of your metaphors swell with anticipation as the lips of my similies suck…

I can feel the tightness of your prose squeeze my stiff grammar. Clinch teeth. Honey seems bitter to the sweetness I’m feeling. I want to sink deep into you, melt into your DNA. The nipples of your verse call my mouth. my lips can not resist. Wrap themselves around hard nipples. Gentle teeth of rhyme grasp them. The tongue of my rhythm teases them. My mouth is filled with erect words. You moan vowels. Hold me firm between the pages of legs … Pull me deep between your lines. I am ink that sinks in. Become a story forever etched inside you. Place mini bites on the neck of longing. Suck on it. Tease it with playful strokes affection and focus.

‎​Raw … Uncontrolled. Free. Pure passion. Ride me. Move on top of me. Tip and tilt ur hips. Gyrate. Grind hard. Rotate slow. Push down on me with g-force power. Feel me slide against your inside walls. Let your inhibitions crumble. I feel you clinch. Twitch.
Squeeze me. Grap your hips and enjoy this roller coaster of lust. Rise up slow and sure like the sun does in the morning. Beat down like drums. Make music. Lean forward and whisper in my ears how you feel. Lean back so my tip can rub against your clit. Moan with angry-pleasure-delight. Tense-release. Your nipples hard. Gravity spins you. Giddy, swirling …

Submit to lust. Surrender to pleasure. Give in to desire. Set free passion …

As you ride we kiss. Ride me hard, kiss me soft. Forehead to forehead. Your pelvis rocks. Your back arches deep as you rise and lower on me. The bitter-sweetness is intense. Rhythmic movement. Dance horizontal.

‎​you start to push up and u ride down on me. Our movement is wide synchronisation. Our bodies meet hard. Hammer and nail.

‎​Breathing un-coordinated. Varied. Deep. Shallow. Fast. Slow. We breathe gentle. Soft. Hold breathe.

‎​Cup your booty. Feel its fullness. Squeeze it firm. Pull you down on to my hardness. Pull you down on me as I push up inside you. Bite on your neck.

We fuck hard
‎​Like its make up sex
‎​Hard like its the last time

As you ride me you lean back. I look up at you. Your breast inviting. You rise up. Lay on your back. Open your legs wider than the horizon. Invite me in.

‎​I stand in front of your glory. You touch urself. Your fingers become wet-silk-smooth. You smile, bit ur bottom lip. Beckon me with those same wet fingers.

‎​I move towards you. Ready to slide inside you. You stop me. Look into my eyes. Smile. Circle your clit. Tease its tip. Legs wide. I watch you. Hypnotised. You pleasure yourself, I get pleasure watchin you. You get more pleasure. Your wetness calls me. Silently screams to me.

I smile. Watchin youu. Makes me fill with desire. Lean down and kiss on your stomach. Your fingers tease the tip of your entrance you moan. Suck of your juices. Tingles spark up your arm …

I grab hold of your legs, hold them wide. Push my tongue deep inside you.

Tongue fuck you…

‎​you gasp. Arch your back. Moan

‎​As you recover from the pleasure I slide my stiffness deep in

Your mouth falls open. Eyes wide. Gasp.

Pause. Look into your eyes. Take your legs. Place them around my neck. Reach down and cup your booty. Raise up your pelvis. Pull me in deep.

‎​Rock slow inside you

‎​Thrust. Command you. Take control.

Pull out slow.

Til you feel the tip of my hardness on your entrance. You reach out. Wrap your arms around my back. Try to pull me into you.

‎​Move your hips. Your lust fills the air. Mixes with the fragrance of your desire. You wait for me to slide back inside you. Eyes closed. Legs squeeze my neck.

‎​You can feel me. Just at your entrance. Your lips gentle open. Awaiting. I stroke your legs.

Unwrap them from around my neck. Hold your ankles. Open your legs wide. Your clit throbs with anticipation. Becomes swollen. Full.

You play with ur nipples. Circle them. Slide your hand down between your legs. Take hold of my hardness. Try to slide it inside you. I pull back. You moan a bitter-sweet moan.

Your body is fire. Desire is wild. You want to feel me inside you.

You look into my eyes. I smile. Move back, pull away. You whisper please.

“Please give it to me” …

We are still. Legs still wide. Your clit wanting. Your wetness longing.

‎​The silence is loud.

Then without warning I push hard and deep inside you. Push deep. Arch your back in pleasure. Feel me reach the roof of your inside. That place of pleasurable-extreme. Mouth open with shock.

‎​Release a loud moan. It echoes across the room.

I grind deep inside you. You reach round my back cup my behind. Pull me into you. Lean your head back. Legs shake. I move slow. Pull out long. Easy. Push back inside you

Grind my hips like we’re slow dancing. You feel the head of me slide along your walls. Pushing deep. Moving slow. I take hold of the back of your legs. Fold them up towards your chest. Your position is one of total submission. You tilt your hips up as I slide inside you. I glide against your clit. My erect curvature moves against the front of your walls. You feel me touch your g-spot. You twitch. Grip me with your muscles. I let a low deep moan waterfall from my mouth. You smile. I can feel your tightness. I push in even deeper. I can feel my tip touch your roof. You become more wet. Warm. I lean forward and kiss you. We’re still as we kiss. Indulge in the pleasure of wetness, twitches, throbbing and warmth. You feel yourself melt. Open up. Knees against your chest. I rock. Back and forth. Roll side to side. Still deep inside. We still kiss. Its soft. Slow. Focused. Easy. Calm ….

Our passion is wild yet we kiss calm. Slow. Unhurried. While your hips rise slow. Steady. Pause at the tip of my hardness. Glide down. Its silent. I tilt my hips up to meet yours. You moan through our kiss. I gyrate. Gride up into your downward movement. Cup your booty. Gentle spread your cheeks. You feel urself open. My hands warm. Firm. Encompass your perked glory. You press against my chest to stable ur movement. Arch your back deep. You can feel yourself gettin wetter. Warmer. Your lips becoming full. Your clit is electric. Your muscles tense. The urge building. Tingles giggling down the back of your legs. Your toes curl. Breathe is strong. Hard. Deep. Your tempo increases…

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  1. the beauty of passion written by you shared with true feeling and joy love and feelings too
    your writng are so beautiful and so erotic right through with deep seated passion you erupt through poetry too kep writing these beautiful words and enjoy what you do
    as this is your forte and so perfectly done by you.

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