in the Garden of Eden pt1

Been meaning to start my lesbian story for a while but been focusing on poems. So without further delay. Here is the start of my first story ‘In the garden of Eden’. Hope you enjoy

The sun yawned and stretched. Slipped its long slender finger rays through Ola’s bedroom curtains and across her bed. Ola lay on her stomach, limbs limp and spread across the messy bed. She frowned and grunted at the sun for interrupting her slumber. She was in a sweet sleep that was divine. As she reluctantly gave way to intrusion the antics of last night came rushing back. She smiled to herself. “That was some good shit! I came HARD.” She thought as she grunted and rolled over onto her back. It was as she rolled over the after effects of alcohol consumption hit her. Her head was still spinning, still giddy. She lay still letting the flashback wash over her. A smile began to slowly spread across her face and she could feel herself getting wet. She did like the way Eden made her feel, the way she used her tongue with orgasm commanding skill. Ola hated to admit it but she was tongue whipped. A slave to Eden’s tongue and last night she became totally captive.

Ola’s mind took her back to the start of the evening when they meet in Candy Bar in Soho. Candy Bar was the mecca for lesbian women and last night was like the holy pilgrim. The Candy Bar was heaving with women, it was carpeted wall-to-wall with bodies, legs, breasts and curves. It was heaven on earth and this Soho paradise was filled to the brim with angels. Ola entered the club and began to look for Eden. As she wondered through the forest of dancing and drinking women she thought ‘Candy bar, it sure does live up to its name, too much eye candy in here’. She had arranged meet Eden there as she was in need of some escapism from the stress of work. Ola wondered aimlessly through the club drinking in the sights. The music was loud, pounded in Ola’s chest. The baseline of the music vibrated in Ola’s body, she could feel it in her clit. Her clit piercing tingled making her wet and distracted her focus of finding Eden. She walked towards the back of the club. It was filled with shadows and slow grinding bodies. She strained to see into the darkness. Two black women were grinding against each other. Their sway and dipping rhythmic motions made Ola freeze. One was dark chocolate skin toned, tall, elegantly slender. She had on a black skirt that had ridden up ther thighs. They were toned, solid and smooth. She had on a white strappy vest on. Ola could see she didn’t have a bra on. Her breasts were full, perked handful size. The faint pronouncing of her erect nipples made Ola bite her lips. She was aware she was staring but couldn’t help it, she didn’t care. The other woman was caramel complexion and shorter than her dance partner. Her figure was a jaw dropping hour glass shape. She had on a figure hugging short lycra dress and killer heels. Ola’s mouth was watering and the sight of these two women blocked out the music. She watched as they gyrated against each other, hands wondering over each others bodies. They began to kiss and Ola could feel herself let out a moan. She was glad the music drowned her out. Ola was a voyeur and shw was in her element. “Were is my rabbit when I need it” she thought. She battled with urges of touching herself and wanting join these women. “Fuck I need my rabbit”. she could feel her juices begin to flow from her entrance onto her knickers. She begun to feel a faint vibration on her side. She ignored it as she continued to sink into the visual waters that washed over her. The vibrations half added to her pleasure, half distracted her.

Reality suddenly jolted her, it was her phone vibrating. With a frustrated-urgency she rummaged in her bag. The light of her phone illuminated her bag. She grab the phone out her bag and looked at the screen, it was Eden. “Hello?!” She shouted into the phone. “I’m in the club, gimme a sec let me get outside”. Ola took one last look at the two women and hurried out the club. She staggered into the street “were are you?” Ola said. “And, hello to you too, I’m fine thanks” Eden replied with her usual cheeky tone. “I’m down waldour street in the Ann Summers. Come meet me please”. Ola laughed. “U freak, what toys you getting now? You should have share in the company.” Eden kissed her teeth down the phone. “I’m a freak and you like it. Just bring your ass down here”. And hung up. Ola’s mouth dropped open. Had anyone else did that she’d be livid but it was Eden and she knew here being in Ann Summer meant the night was only goin to lead to one thing. She smiled to herself and began to make her way to Ann Summers …

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