eroticnoire book club

So welcome to the eroticnoire book club. A forum where we indulge, share, discuss and get in between the pages (and words) of some hot erotic literature.

As with all book clubs we’ll look at giving books overall ratings (out of 5), discuss highlights or low points & the book in general. The difference with the eroticnoire book club is that its online so makes it easier to reach more lovers of erotica. After each book we’ll all make suggestions and have vote on the next book. I don’t wish for there to be too much formality as I’m sure we all just want to indulge in the books. However, depending on size of the book (see!! It does matter) reviewing time will be 4-5 weeks. Books will range from full on stories, to anthologies to poetry books. As long as its erotic we’ll read it 🙂

From time-to-time it may be an idea we enjoy each others blogs (for those that have one) but the focus will remain on books. Also, for those based in London it would be nice to have actual meet ups to discuss book once in while if possible. Those of us based elsewhere can develop their own local meetup.

So … To kick things off here is a book I’d like to recommend. Erotic Noire. It’s Edited by Miram Decosta-Willis, Reginald Martin and Roseann P. Bell.  It contains a range of short stories, poems, prose and even the odd academic essay.  I’ve mentioned it in my initial book blog but feel it would be a good starting place for the club.

Its available on amazon and most online bookstores.
ISBN: SBN: 9780385423090
Cost: £9.99

However, this is my recommendation, please feel free to post any recommendations of your own. Remember to include author and isbn so we can all have a look for it.

If everyone is happy with my recommendation we’ll reform on 9th Sept.

There is a saying “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” If that be the case does that mean that reading erotica is to the mind what a good orgasm is to the body?

Let’s get reading …

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